…left his body on 7 May 2020.

Sunder Andrew Spencer

Sunder, aka Andrew Spencer, had lived at Tinpot for years and most recently at Cobargo in NSW, Australia. He was an RFS firefighter and was made homeless by the recent bushfires.

In mid-February he was interviewed in this Vice documentary where (at 12:15) he is sharing his story shortly after hearing he had lost everything.

He died in his caravan at the Cobargo Showground, a non-council, resident-run relief centre. Narayana found him around 3pm and they suspect a stroke or heart attack. He was 64 years old.

Friends write he was a very sweet and gentle being, a beauty, just as his name describes.

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When I remember Sunder, one word that comes to mind is ‘dharma’ – service. But also a song – ‘You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties’. Sunder was always happiest when helping people out, especially if there was a fire to tend, or one to put out.
He wasn’t home when fire ripped through the forest out at Tinpot on New Year’s Eve 2019. He was saving other people’s houses. So his burned down, which is why he was living in a caravan at the Cobargo Showground when he died.
Watch the video if you haven’t already – he was magnificent. But his heart was already broken, and eventually it stopped.
Watch the video, Sunder’s swansong.

I knew Sunder as Andy. We met when working together at Companion where he completed his apprenticeship. We became friends and he another friend and I travelled to NZ together to ski and have adventures. We travelled around the south island and skied. I named my first born after Andrew. We lost contact after he joined the rajneesh people. I only regained contact in 2018 and lost it again after I guess he lost his mobile/computer when he lost his home.
A friend forwarded the video earlier this year and I was planning on trying to visit to see if I could help him in anyway. But covid isolation stopped those plans.
I would like to know if there is any marker of his earthly existence where I can come and pay my respects when allowed.
Alan Cousins

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