Don’t try to escape


Osho answers Deva Narayana’s question about being in a relationship with Aseema.

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Beloved Master,
Yes! I was not sure until now! I said the same words to Aseema a month ago: “You have driven two other men mad. Don’t let it be me.” Wow! We have been in love for maybe one year now, and to tell you the truth I am really allowing her to affect me in all possible ways. Both Nikunj and Sarvesh are affected by her, and for myself I see what it is: love with a witch! Release me, beloved Master.
Ah… What shall I do?

Narayana, it is too late! And I am not a witch doctor! Now, nothing can be done. In fact, you are already mad.

Mulla Nasruddin plays on the sitar, but he goes on playing the same note continuously for hours. His wife has gone mad, his children have gone mad, his parents have gone mad.

One day he continued to play the same note, and a neighbor asked him, “Mulla, we have seen many people playing sitar, but they change notes.”

Nasruddin said, “I know they go on changing – because they have not yet found the right note. And I have found it, so why should I change?”

The neighbor said, “But now it is two o’clock in the night. Please! Just one hour more and I will go mad. Stop it!”

Nasruddin said, “It is too late because I have stopped already. It is almost two hours since I stopped! What are you talking about?”

Narayana, one year with Aseema… you are finished! She is dangerous – all beautiful women are. All women are witches! In fact, the word ‘witch’ means wise. It is exactly the equivalent of ‘buddha’. If a woman becomes enlightened she becomes a witch.

Aseema is just on the verge of becoming enlightened, and on the way she is giving whatsoever help she can. Whosoever meets her, she helps him. You have been helped by her, and there is no way now for you to be released. All is finished! You had better settle in it.

Nikunj and Sarvesh got mad because they tried to escape. Only then they became aware that they were mad. If they had remained with Aseema, there would have been no problem.

So don’t try to escape from Aseema, that’s my only advice. Remain with her. She is beautiful and I love her.

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 10, Q 7

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