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(21 September 1945 – 29 May 2020)

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Aseema told Osho News:

Narayana grew up in a middle-class family in California. In Pune 1 [when Aseema and Narayana started seeing each other] he was living behind Buddha Hall and around the hall he planted the bamboos Osho loved so much, reason why he was called ‘Bamboo’, but also because he was tall and thin. He looked like a sadhu with his long hair. One of his nicknames was also ‘Malibu’ – referring to the California surfing scene… He was a very devoted sannyasin, sensitive and warmhearted.

Bhadra remembers:

He was such a beautiful sadhu. When he arrived in Pune he would always stand so straight and yet relaxed in his lungi, and looked at you with his sparkling, impish eyes.

Deva Narayana aka Malibu cr Asti Hagenbach
Deva Narayana Gardener cr Asti Hagenbach

Hiroshi [Aseema’s son who took care of Narayana these last 10 years] wrote:

Here my memories of Narayana growing up – from Pune to Oregon, to Austin, and then to San Francisco: The first time I met him I was a little boy and was living in the ashram. In Pune he had a very close attachment to nature and would do landscaping and gardening in the ashram.

Narayana loved to explore places in India by riding his motorcycle. He would tell me stories about the places he traveled. I remember he would also tell me stories about the women he loved. He was quite a flirtatious sannyasin. He loved to give love and make love. He was a free-spirited guy, yet had a macho confidence.

Narayana was still the Narayana at the Ranch with Osho, living the sannyasin life.

After the Ranch, he moved around and settled in Mill Valley, near San Francisco, to be closer to his sannyasin friends. Osho and his sannyasins were a vital part of his way of life and they were the only family that he cherished.

Ten years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He dealt with it by exercising, daily walks, meditation, yoga, gardening and eating well.

When I talked to him last he had lots of words of love. That night was his last night as he officially passed away 8:30am on 29 May in his sleep. His request was that if he could not walk in Nature and speak with loving words, he would like to pass away naturally, while being cared for at a Hospice center.

Beloved friends and sannyasin, thank you for being a part of Narayana’s life; you are his heart and soul and he loves you unconditionally.

Thank you, thank you.


Narayana is being cremated now, Friday, 5 June 2020, starting at 8:30 am.

Thanks for text and photos to Hiroshi, Aseema, Bhadra and Harideva, thanks to Bhadra and Upchara for alert and helping get this page together

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The handsome golden Californian sadhu and I began a lifelong friendship nurturing the master’s gardens under Mukta’s devoted guidance… Narayana was one of the few Sannyasins at that time who had actually traveled, loved and understood the depth of India. While our many lives diverged, they reconnected from the most extreme places, like when he would blow my mind with phone calls from the battlefields of Iraq. During his struggle with this cruel disease, Dasi and I could only visit this loving complex meditative friend through Skype; Malibu-ji always regaled us with memories of the so many of you who adorn his pantheon of devotion. I will always be finding you, dear brother, when I meet a great shade tree.
Padma Sambhava

Oh Narayana, another old friend and dharma brother entered the formless! Many precious memories of long wonderful years living at the Feet of the Master. May you be released into and have merged with the Divine, dearest friend.
Gabriele (Ma Prem Gatha)

Somehow this message touched me, I looked it up a few times. It was very beautifully written by Hiroshi. He could convey the love of Narayana. Something he must have been and felt going up into the crescendo of live. My best wishes to Narayana – Narayana.
Sw Michaelvedam

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