(22 September 1942 – 12 June 2020)

We just heard that his cremation will be on 29 July at 10.45am.

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Deva Satsanga (Lawrence Borish) was born in Philadelphia, USA, to immigrants from the Ukraine. As his father was unable to support the family due to physical and psychological conditions, he helped his mother in her efforts to look after the family from an early age. As a result he attended university two years later than normal. He studied for his Masters degree in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania with a job on the side and also looking after his father in the evenings.

After his father died, in the 70s, he fulfilled his dream of discovering Europe by moving to London – thinking it would be for a year, not knowing it would almost be for the rest of his life. He knew he would however return to the US to look after his mother, Betty, to whom he was very attached – which he did for the last five years of her life.

On 22 February 1978, Satsanga took sannyas from Osho in Pune (see darshan below).

During the Ranch time he spent some months at the Gyandip Centre in Zurich, then moved to Santa Cruz working as a waiter while waiting for his call to join the Rajneeshpuram project. After the Ranch in Oregon closed, he moved to Atlantic City where he worked as a therapist.

After his mother’s death he returned to London (Greenwich) where, apart from working as a social worker and giving bodywork sessions, he also hosted an Osho Information Centre.

He worked – way past his retirement age – in various settings, including in elderly care and as a locum in hospitals or in the community, and did voluntary work in a hospice.

In one bereavement group he set up, where many of the elderly people were depressed, he introduced the Nadabrahma meditation, which lightened things up. His colleagues asked what he did in the group because people came out laughing. He loved working with people, but found more and more that he was having to work too much on the computer – which he disliked.

He visited the Osho International Meditation Resort every year for a few months (also this past winter). He loved to do the meditations and over the years did the Transmitter Relays, Rebalancing, Family Constellation and Craniosacral Balancing trainings at the Multiversity in Pune. He loved giving Rebalancing and Cranio sessions in Pune and back home.

A few years ago he was interviewed in Pune by Yatro for Osho Sammasati, on the subject of ‘Care of the Carer’. And most recently, in what would be the weeks leading up to his body leaving, he was participating in Osho Sammasati’s 7-week on-line course, ‘Meditation for Precarious Times’ – a great preparation for the ultimate meditation!

On 12 June, Satsanga suddenly passed away in his home in London. He was healthy and in good spirits until the day before. His friend said, “He went to bed on Friday and did not wake up on Saturday.”

Satsanga is remembered by friends with these loving words:

Through Satsanga’s life was the thread of caring.
Such a lovely man.
He was a very talented therapist. He did healing sessions and helped so many people.
One of Osho’s most devoted hearts. He was the most attentive, loving, sensitive, understanding, accepting and supportive friend.
There always had a sweet smile.
He had countless friends all over the world.
He was a loving companion, mentor and loyal presence for many.
He was full of light, such a wise, heartful, loving and caring person, always willing to help anyone who needed support.
Many lives were touched by this gentle and loving soul.
He’ll be remembered and in everything beautiful we see.
I will miss him very much.

Friends have started a fundraising for his farewell: paypal.meor in his memory plant a rose in your garden sometime this week. He loved roses… 🌹

Thanks for text and photos to Yatro, Svetlana, Amrito, Silvia Garau, Suchira, Sidika, Pankaja

Online sendoff

Satsanga’s sendoff is scheduled for Sunday, 28 June 2020, 2:30 – 3:30pm UK Time and friends can participate via zoom: – (890 2189 8846 – 134624)

Satsanga’s sannyas darshan

Deva means divine, satsanga means in the presence of – to be in the presence of the divine. And the divine is everywhere; one just needs to learn how to be in its presence. Seeing a tree, don’t just see the tree but see within – the life, the green life, the green juice; not only the flower but the hidden beauty, the immaterial part of it – and you will be in the presence of god. Listening to music, don’t only listen to the music, listen to the silence too, because there are things which can be expressed by sound and there are things which can be expressed only by silence. There are things which can be seen only with eyes and there are things which are invisible to eyes; they can be seen only by an inner eye.

So go on digging everywhere for the divine, for the hidden. In everything that we take for granted, god is hidden – in the stone and in the stars; one just has to learn how to decode them. The message goes on impinging on your being from every corner, from every direction. God goes on calling you. You just have to become a little more receptive, a little more silent, a little more passive, a little more feminine: that makes satsanga. Then you are in the presence.

An open heart, a ready heart, a welcoming heart; that’s what satsanga is all about. It is one of the most precious words in the East. When a person sits in the presence of a master it is called satsanga. When a person goes and meditates in the temple it is called satsanga.

Sat means truth and sanga means with – being with the truth.

Osho, Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast, Ch 22 – 22 February 1978


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Beloved Satsanga,
Very many thanks for everything! Fly high and forget us all!

beloved friend from way back, long time no see and now I hear you suddenly spread your wings & took flight. Pictures of many sweet moments in Osho’s garden appear before my inner eye & I hear you giggling. To sit & share together was a sweet meditation by itself. And I remember when we went for a chai or a dinner you loved to dress up in exquisite silk shirts, crafted for you by the Indian tailors, turquoise and purple were some of your favorite colors. You and your magical wizard style, your warmheartedness & wisdom.
Will sure be missed on this plane, yet seeing the beauty of a rose I feel your presence in my heart. All love on your journey beautiful Soul and gratitude to you. Namasté.

Family Constellation 2008
Family Constellation 2008 with Svagito

He was truly a beautiful guy
lots of love for him

Yess fly high dear and forget us all. Love

you kept vowing, “to do one of your death workshops,” but now you’ve graduated to the real thing! Extra glad — because it turned out to be the last chance — that we had several meals together at Zorba the Buddha’s at OIMR, in Pune, overlooking the pool: paradise on earth! You were always so affectionate, so tender towards me. All love ad joy to you in your onward journey.

Satsanga and Arif
Satsanga and Arif

I just read the beautifully written piece about my dear friend Satsanga, thank you. Such a kind spirited person.
I had met him the week before and we had a walk along the river Thames in Greenwich. He wasn’t too happy with the lockdown situation due to COVID-19 as he enjoyed going out and meeting up with his friends.
I will miss our weekly meeting over a coffee in the Picturehouse Cinema café in Greenwich London.
Rest in peace my dear friend 🙏🏽

Penny and Satsanga
Penny and Satsanga

Farewell my friend. The cinema will never be the same without you. Your magic hands massaged my body through so many crises over the years. Miss you so much xxxx
Penny Price

Lovely Satsanga, passing like nothing happened, how did you do it?
I’m remembering our 4 weeks as neighbours in No. 47 (?) Koregaon Park. Trips to Dorabjis for olives and wine…
Just sitting, gazing at Nulla Park, beyond our stables’ fence and having deep meaningful conversations and silly laughter.
Your wise, lighthearted approach to living in India was appreciated.
~~~ now, fly high and be free ~~~
Prem Shruti

Satsanga visiting Devika in Scotland
Satsanga visiting Devika in Scotland

I have no words to say. I love you very much. Two evenings before you left the body, we had a lovely conversation on the phone. Thank you for being my friend for so long, so many years. I am so grateful to you for your very loving support and kindness and care. I loved it when you visited my Scottish island. I hope you will visit me in spirit many times.
Fly high in great joy and bliss, beloved Satsanga.
Lots of love from
Devika xxx ❤️❤️❤️🌸🌸🌸

I am bit shocked to hear this. I miss your face, your smile and warm nature… it was a pleasure knowing you and experiencing sessions from you. I am grateful for the story you shared of your encounter with Osho and things you showed me through these sessions. May you fly high! Lots of love for your easy transition… wherever you are, you’ll always be in my heart.


Beloved, you left so suddenly. You weren’t answering my calls, and I thought you must be busy supporting others in your loving, compassionate way. But you had flown, and I keep looking for you in the clouds in the sky, in the flowers in my garden, in the eyes of the calf in the field next to my house. But of course, where else could you be but in my heart. My beloved friend, I am so grateful to have walked awhile along the path with you.

You were Osho’s ambassador in the cafes of Greenwich. With your open heart and easy friendliness, so many beautiful people were drawn to you. Soon they would become your life-long friends. However, woe betide the barista who didn’t make your perfect dry cappuccino! Sorry, beloved had to get that one in!

I will miss your physical presence; you and I scampered across the North Devon countryside always heading toward the sea – the place where you always felt pulled. And where I will always feel your presence.

Soar high my dearest friend, beloved Satsanga.



I have known Satsanga only for a few years – since I interviewed him in Pune. He had such a wealth of experience in caring since early childhood and his sharing took place over 4 or 5 sessions, touching both of us deeply.

From that time we’ve had a deep connection, though just meeting once in person since.

He was in different ways taking care of and loved by many people all over the world and many friends locally, including with the two small children of a good friend.

As well as his love for people he loved being out, in cafes, parks, in nature, often going by train to parks in the Sevenoaks area. And meditating – he used to do Nadabrahma every day.

An enormous hearted friend – on his way to new adventures… higher and higher!

Much love,

Beloved Satsanga,

I remember when we first met back in 2015. I saw the sparkly aura around you and the vibration of fairylike!

I remember calling you Peter Pan once and you didn’t mind it and we both giggled at that! And now you are really flying everywhere do you wish to – just like Peter Pan!

Fly the highest beloved friend. I love you and I miss you always until the day we meet again.

The other day I thought about not having had the chance to talk to you about something that I have meant to discuss with you during our time spent together at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, in March – to which at that very moment I heard you say, “You can still speak to me.”

I not only heard this but also felt it.

Thank you for your beautiful presence during the journeys of the visits to Pune and for guiding, inspiring, loving and reminding me of what love and compassion truly is! Love is 🌹

Today in my outdoor meditation I saw a baby praying mantis that was nodding and moving his head to the mantra chanting meditation and a little later a beautiful butterfly flew by!

Thanks for visiting ♥️💕

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose!

You were a Rare Rose in the Master’s garden!

Namaste 🙏🏻
Deva Rowshan


Farewell sweet Satsanga. Fond memories of our time on the craniosacral training in Pune and then when you stayed a few days with me at my parents’ house and were so sweet with my dad – taking him out in his wheelchair. Your gentleness, kindness, humour and lovely accent – calling my mum’s cat Baddy (rather than Batty). Blessed to have known you. Fly high, Beloved.

Much love and thanks

Sidika xxx

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