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(1 January 1947 – 22 June 2020)

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Many of us will remember Anurag as an editor of Osho’s book. She has edited, compiled, and written introductions to many of his talks.

She was born in London, on 1st January 1947. That was an extremely hard winter, and what with rationing and the aftermath of the war her parents emigrated to Australia. Her brother Fraser and sister Jane were born there, and the family returned to England in 1954.

Her dad got a job with the BBC and they all had a fairly comfortable childhood. Her parents separated in 1964 and Anurag left home soon after at 17.

We hear she died from a massive heart attack in Haiku, Hawaii where she had been living for many years; the doctors worked on her for an hour and then she was released.

Veena writes:

With much love, I remember Anurag. She was one of the first people to come to the Nirvana Meditation Centre in Bell Street, London, and participated in all our activities. She took sannyas at the Centre.

In early 1974 she travelled to India with me and about 25 other people from the Centre. We went en masse to the meditation camp (turned out to be the last one) in Mt Abu.

After that camp, Osho sent nearly all of us to the farm of his mother-from-his-past-life near Chandrapur, Maharashtra, to build a new commune (the first one!). It was quite an experience and we all got very close to each other so Anurag was very special to me.

Slowly people left the farm – to which Osho had given the name, Kailash – until there were only three of us left, Anurag, Lalita and myself. She had an amazing resilience to deal with the not very easy experiences we had there. We three stuck it out until we got a message from Osho to return to Pune.

Almost immediately on our arrival both Anurag and I started editing Osho’s books, working with other people from the London Centre, like Yoga Pratima and Anand Yatri.

Anurag had an incredible ability to focus on detail which made her an excellent editor. She was still editing when I left 5 years later to sew things for Osho. After that, I sort of lost track of her but she was always around.

One famous incident was when Osho told her to marry the wonderful artist, Arhat, who designed the early sannyas magazines. There is a great video somewhere of a celebration in Chuang Tzu Hall. During the time that people were greeting Osho he asked for Anurag and Arhat to come forward. He basically ‘married’ them, gave them his blessing and a BIG present! I never knew what was in the present, though…

I will remember her with great love – she was a unique individual with a shining, kind of ‘innocent’ presence.

Fly high, beloved, Anurag.

Anubuddha (and Anasha) write:

Well, we all know that “Señor Death” will visit us all… and that “one breath will be our last breath”… but it still touches me, and even startles me when people I have known and loved and have been inspired by – leave this physical plane.

Ma Yoga Anurag, in my eyes, personified elegance and grace… she was such a fixture in Poona One, and she added a lot of beauty to our Commune. Anurag was what Osho called “a devotee”, and her love, surrender, and total commitment to his Work always inspired me. I was also touched by her intelligence and sense of humor.

In 1979, during the Dhammapada Series, Anurag asked Osho such a well-thought out and in-depth question about Relaxation… Osho’s answer to her changed the course of my life – I probably have listened to his response over 300 times (no joking – lol!)… and I still play it out and hear new nuances. (The discourse is The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 1, Ch 8, Q 2)

During the Ranch time, I was sent to the eight largest European Osho Communes to promote Rebalancing and other Multiversity Programs. My first stop was in London and the incredible Body Center. She was working there, and even though I tried to seduce her into coming to the Ranch for a new 3-month training that Nishant and I were about to offer, combining CranioSacral Sensitivity and the Alexander Technique, Anurag insisted on coming for the Rebalancing Training. From there, we really connected; she had a great feel and sense of energy and healing that she continued to share throughout her life. She never stopped learning and going deeper inside.

Around 2007 or so, Anasha and I visited Maui, and we shared some amazing times together. She had been diagnosed with cancer, and as a result she changed her diet completely. Well-food and nutrition, and cleansing are one of Anasha and my favorite themes – so we really enjoyed brainstorming and eating with her.

I’m quite sure Anurag left her body in a beautiful way… and that she found deep peace in this chaotic world we live in. I am feeling her now, and tears of joy and love and gratitude are all around my eyes…

I salute the Buddha within you, Beloved Anurag!

Sending smiles, good vibrations, and love your way,

Photos thanks to Pramod, Hasid, Yachana, Sudheer and for alert to Mega and Upchara


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So enjoyed visiting your sweet little house in Haiku… you had just moved in… I remember driving with you to your massage job, and being amazed at the skill with which you managed to change your clothes while driving!
And you had kept so many robes from earlier phases of your sannyas life throughout all the moves.
Fly high sweet friend xxxx

Dear Anurag,
I remember you from Pune 1. You sometimes approached me, me in my dirty kitchen apron, and in a very shy tone you would ask me the spelling of a name you thought I would know by chance. “It’s for the editing,” you would say in a soft voice, without the airs and graces you could have put on doing such a prestigious job.
Thank you for being so kind and graceful. Love from,

Beloved Anurag,
Thinking of you with love and gratitude for the generosity of spirit that you embodied. It’s been so many years since I have seen you, but your leaving like this still stunned me.
Gate gate, beloved one, parasamgate!
Krishna Gopa

After taking sannyas in London I arrived in Pune in December 1974. Keen to work, I was soon referred by Laxmi to Anurag who gave me work checking and proofreading Osho manuscripts and, when I passed her exacting standards, was influential in my promotion to full time editing in which I became blissfully immersed for the next 5 years. We worked closely together, including travelling to Mumbai to visit the printing presses as in those early days the ashram did not yet have its own publishing department. I learned the high standards of ashram editing style from Anurag whose devotion to the master was matched by her meticulous attention to detail in every stage of bringing each volume of his live discourses through to final publication.

We were on the same page regarding changes to Osho’s words: the policy was never unless ‘essential’ and any proposed change would be discussed between editors and sometimes sent to Osho for approval before being implemented.

Anurag at times delegated to me the challenging task of (attempting to) rein in certain renegade wilful editors taking liberties with Osho’s words, correcting, tidying or anglicising his colourful speech and ‘Indianisms’.

Though I had no contact with Anurag after the end of Pune 1 in 1981, she still beams bright in my memory including that enviable mane of hair which like many of us was shorn short in later years.
Anand Vandana

Anurag Beloved,
We didn’t have very close contact but of course like with so many fellow travellers especially from Poona 1 a deep link is felt. So when one goes it jolts the heart and I sigh ‘oh Anurag has left her body’. I imagine her energy dances with delight and grace which she so embodied.
Sending love to you, dear one!
Gabriele (Ma Prem Gatha)

Beloved Anurag,
So sad to hear you’ve gone beyond but also glad for a life well lived. I remember you vividly and fondly from Poona 1 days when we worked together in the publications department. I was transcribing Osho’s lectures and you were a top editor and a joy to work with – so dedicated and focused but with a lightness of touch. You were also the most surrendered, which came home to me when our close, happy team was suddenly broken up and we were packed off to Saswad. Most of us were a bit freaked out, but you just shrugged, His will be done. Then you became the only one to stay in the ashram, which for me was quite a lesson in surrender! I saw you a couple of times on the Ranch but then lost touch, so glad to hear you ended up in such a beautiful place. Go well, beautiful Old Soul.
Love & Peace

I first met Anurag in London in 1984 and the very first thing she did when she found out I was a sannyasin was to whisk me off to a lovely little cafe for a cup of tea and a long chat. She felt like a sister/friend immediately. We connected a little again on the Ranch and we visited with her in Maui a few years later. She stayed with us in Boston for a few days, whilst she was taking a training. Anurag’s warmth and grace and humor always made time with her precious. After losing touch I recently had the strong urge to write to her after reading Osho’s answer to a question in a recent posting. I’m not sure if my email reached her before she left her body, but hope she left in peace, and knowing how appreciated and cared for she was.
Ma Prem Nanda

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