Can Human Design Circuitry help us understand what’s going on?


Nancy and Shantamo see a way to understand the source of the different perspectives and views, unclarities and uncertainties we are experiencing.

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Different perspectives

Humanity is facing uncharted waters and an unknown future: Covid-19, climate disturbances, economic chaos, civil unrest, job uncertainty. These are all challenges that many of us are facing. The truth is humanity has never been here before. It faces huge challenges and a clear lack of leadership. There is no outside authority. So many “experts” and “leaders” contradict each other; even the scientists disagree or change their messages as new information seems to appear almost every day.

There is no clear vision of where we’re heading, but there are lots of different perspectives.

It can be illuminating to see the current culture wars in terms of the Human Design Circuitry. This of course is a simplification of the complexity of real life, yet to look at it in these broad categories may bring more understanding to Circuitries and perhaps politics.

There are thirty-six Channels in a Human Design Chart and there are various ways to group these Channels based on common characteristics. We call these groupings Circuits or Circuitries (for more details see separate article on Osho News: An elemental understanding of Circuitry).

tug of war Scottish clan

Tribal Circuitry

The tribal mind thinks of its own group first, and it thinks in terms of hierarchy. Its main concern is the survival of the tribe – the family and blood line.

We deserve to be first in this country because we came here first and conquered it. We brought all the others here, who did not have the initiative to come on their own or the strength to resist us. Therefore they are second class and need to know their place. We feel threatened by any other way of seeing this. They are taking away our rights.

These are not neatly logical thoughts; they are gut sentiments. Tribal Circuitry people follow a chief, who does not need to be reasonable. As long as he can make good on his claim to the top spot, they will go through thick and thin for him. When the chief shows weakness, it may be time to replace him. A politician whose power derives from using tribal circuitry – and there are many these days – needs to put up a show of strength all the time. Strength of the leader ensures the survival of the tribe. (More on the Tribal Circuit.)

Collective Circuitry

people gathered at an office meeting tableThe collective mind thinks of the whole society and of its future. It uses logical and cultural arguments.

When less than half of the people claim the best things for themselves, it is not fair. Life spreads talent equally among the population, so when we give everyone equal access to education, we improve the general quality of society. Utilizing our talent keeps our country strong and creative. The challenges we face are best solved when we include everyone and act together.

These thoughts include all individuals with the belief that the collective is the best way forward. All minds together can make better solutions than individually. Leaders are chosen based on the ideals and vision of the collective. They aim to use logical processes to find the best leader. (More on the Collective Circuit.)

The two orientations do not meet

The Collective thinks it can include the Tribal, but it’s not possible. The Tribal doesn’t see the value in including non-tribal members. They believe that mixing the bloodlines weakens the tribe.

Our modern democracies have been collective with a tribal heart. Networks are tribal, elections collective. Up to now, they could work together (also in business) and ideally complement each other. Now they are estranged. This is the culture war.

How do we resolve this apparent disconnect?

The Collective Circuitry of humanity currently expresses the lowest frequencies of this Circuit – the Shadow frequencies that embody the victim mindset. Unfortunately humanity has not evolved past this yet, but it is coming. At the current frequency, the Collective can no longer guarantee the future; it has become limiting (stifling political correctness). This is what is causing the Tribal energies to rebel.

Uranus Pluto Saturn composite

The astrological influences in our charts at present

Uranus has moved into Gate 24 in the Mind Center, where it will reside until November this year. Uranus brings awakening through shock, the bizarre, or unusual or sudden changes. Gate 24 is called ‘Returning’. It causes the mind to think and rethink until it, hopefully, spawns innovation and transformation.

Pluto entered Gate 61 in the Crown Center several months ago, where it will reside at least through the end of 2020. Pluto also brings transformation, but it is focused on awakening to a higher consciousness of purposeful action. Gate 61 is called ‘Inner Truth’. It urges us to sincerely seek within to find what we know to be true.

These two planets activate the Channel of The Thinker (24/61) that all of us will have defined for most of the rest of 2020. The activation of this Channel enlivens our inspiration and engages our minds to explore all sorts of theories and possibilities. It makes our minds swirl with possible explanations for what we are experiencing and what could be happening. You can see this unfolding in our society with the myriad of explanations and theories about Covid-19, what the economic future will look like, and how/if we will recover. It doesn’t lead to a clear vision


Saturn is currently in Gate 60, which is in the Root Center. Saturn demands discipline and recognizing the operating principles of life on Earth. It grounds our high ideals and visions in the reality of life. Gate 60 is called ‘Limitation’. It helps us to accept the restrictions of reality and encourages us to find new ways to solve old problems. This gives us a foundation and connection with the Earth to ensure that the visions and inspirations we imagine are realistic and can be implemented.

These three Gates, and the Thinker Channel, are all part of the Individual Circuit Group, of which we have not yet spoken. It is the sustained activation of these Gates by powerful planetary forces that is motivating humanity to question the old ways of operating. It is through individual empowerment that the solutions to humanity’s struggles will be realized.

The old tribal ways and outdated collective ways are being challenged by the activation of the Individual Circuitry as that is what is needed for humanity to successfully transition through this current chaos and systemic breakdown.

writer at table in coffee shop

Time to introduce the Individual Circuit Group

This group is focused on Empowerment – empowering themselves and empowering others to embrace the unique individuals they are. People who have predominantly channels of this group receive intuitive insights – they just know things. Their challenge is to make themselves and their novel insights understood.

Why is it so difficult to share these things that I know are true? The others do not want to listen, some even think I am crazy. When I talk one-on-one with somebody, they seem to understand my insights, but then when they meet with their friends it is gone again. Some people want logical arguments, which I do not have. Others do not want to hear me because I do not always like to hang out with their group. And the things I have to share are good for them! If only I could find my voice.

People with channels in this group are driven to be different, trust their own inner guidance and convictions, express their unique creativity, and display the courage to follow their own direction in life. They need to learn timing and speech skills, to have their message received. It can be a lifelong training. If they succeed, the collective benefits and expands its reach. (More on the Individual Circuit.)

So what is the way forward?

The planets this year indicate the way forward. Uranus, Pluto and Saturn are all in the Individual Circuitry for most of the year. The ongoing activation of Channel 24/61 gives us the opportunity – whether we have individual circuitry or not in our Chart – to access our deepest individual truth. Once we are in touch with our truth we can reorient our lives around it, expressing it in the right moment and listening to other people’s truths, in service of empowering ourselves and bringing a new way to take humanity through this transition.

The future of humanity lies here.

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