The Tarot of the Traveller: 9 of Hearts


Veeno’s third card in our new collection. She calls the card in her poetic reading ‘The Heart Magnet’.

Édouard Bisson (1856–1939): Question to the Cards (1889)

Veeno’s project continues, where she shares her insights into one card of a deck with traditional playing cards, as it was allegedly used by the Romani. In this process, she lets her creativity fly.

Today, we look at:

9 of Hearts

9 of Hearts

The Heart Magnet

Felt unconditional love — as oneness with oneself — with everyone — with all

There is a magic ship.

The magic ship is called Love. The vast, wide universe is its ocean.

It sails through the skies and the seas. Like an anchor its keel sinks deep into the origin of all creation.

It’s an ark!

Not only animals and humans live and nurture there. It is the shelter for trees and mountains, for rivers and streams, for snow and rain. Even the Milky Way, planets and all the stars rest therein.

As if created by the finest alabaster, it seems fragile at times. Then again, it leaps with lion-like exuberance over Pluto and Saturn, only to dance along again with gentle mischief.

United with a mysterious force, it glides along with Cupid’s compass. Even in storms and darkness, the needle stays on course.

Come, put your dreams inside the magic ship! Feather-light, your pain and torment subside there. In its warm belly, thoughts can track new sounds. They’ll laugh with grace your precious child voice awake.

9 of Hearts
The 9 of Hearts: It is Love! Mandala by Veeno

Tender she is,
Bodiless, she plays her canzonetta.
Her flow of light
and sphere sounds
are places of refuge and fulfillment.
For you and me.
No second thoughts.
It is love!


Veeno lives in Switzerland. She has been a sannyasin since 1984 and her inspiring creativity finds its way into many forms in her life.

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