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Shantamo and Nancy have prepared for us an article on the various Circuitries as used in the Human Design system.

Channels in Human Design
A Human Design Chart contains thirty-six channels. On the image above, you see them as the lines between the squares and triangles that represent our energy centers. There are various ways to group these channels, based on common characteristics. We call these groupings Circuits. The following Circuits are the most used, so we will explain them in some detail. Taken together, these Circuits cover every channel of the Chart. Each channel is part of only one Circuit.

Tribal Circuit in Human Design

The Tribal Circuit Group

This group is all about supporting the tribe (community), its laws and its continuity. Their core life values revolve around hierarchy and tradition. This group has been the driving force of humanity’s evolution and has initially kept humanity alive by focusing on maintaining the well-being and growth of the tribe. People with channels in this group are willing to make individual sacrifices for the good of the tribe. They are the “salt of the earth” people, who need community and family. They are willing to work hard for the good of the tribe. Their greatest concerns are having enough food, money and affection. Loyalty is huge for tribal people. Sexuality is a powerful part of this group and it has a huge impact on all other circuitry. Intellectual speculation, logical argumentation or individual perceptions are not naturally part of their world. They want to get up close, and touch or ‘smell’ you to know if they can trust you. The Tribal Circuitry has seven channels.

Collective Circuits

The Collective Circuit Group

Comprising two ‘sub-circuits’ – the Abstract/Sensing Circuit and the Logical Circuit–the Collective Circuit Group is focused on understanding and learning. Its primary intent is sharing to the collective and for the benefit of the collective. The abstract circuit seeks to extract meaning from the past, while the logical circuit projects visions of a better future. There are fourteen channels in this group: seven in each sub-circuit.

Abstract Circuit (red)

People with channels in this Circuit look to distill the essence of their experiences and revelations so they can share it with others. They have an innate urge to go through experiences, even if they cannot make sense of them while they are happening. Clarity will come over time, as they reflect upon their adventures. It is important for them to understand that the outcome of the experience matters less than the insights they will accrue from it. They learn from the past. As such, they hold a great repository of wisdom and experience, which they see as relevant for the future.

Logical Circuit (blue)

People with channels in this Circuit need to understand and improve the patterns they find in life. They rely on experiments to see if these improvements would work in the future. Driven by their need for improvement, they are concerned with ensuring a good future for the society. To refine their perceived patterns, they will repeat something over and over again until they master it, making them detail-oriented, skeptical and doubtful, with a driving need for answers. As such, they are the natural leaders of our society because of their ability to read the patterns and trends of the future.

Individual circuit in Human Design

The Individual Circuit Group

This group is focused on empowering themselves and empowering others to embrace the unique individuals they are. People with channels in this group are driven to be different, trust their own inner guidance and convictions, express their unique creativity, and display the courage to follow their own direction in life. Insights come to them in present time, not based on past knowledge or future extrapolation. This makes it hard for the collective circuitry to understand them. These people just know things (sometimes they also hear an inner voice). This is what we usually refer to as intuition. It is essential for them to learn communication skills, because their challenge is how to make their insights palatable to the other circuitries. When this does not happen, they tend to feel they are of no use. If they succeed, the collective or tribe benefits and expands its reach. The Individual Circuitry group has nine channels.

Centering and Integration Channeks

Centering and Integration Channels

Up to now we have covered thirty channels. Opinions differ whether the six that remain are a separate group or if they belong to the Individual Circuitry. These six channels are classified in two sub-circuits: The Centering Circuit and the Integration Circuit (or Channels).

The Centering Channels (dotted)

These channels connect the tribal heart (the Tribal Circuitry is the only one that flows through the Heart center, where our willpower and wishes are located) with our sense of direction and our life force. They are about living life as we want it, out of self-love and not following ideas of others. This then can inspire and empower their environment.

The Integration Channels (green)

Integration channels are connected with our spine: to stand up straight and be ourselves, come what may. They relate to the time when humanity began to walk upright, thereby distinguishing itself from the other mammals. They are focused on self-empowerment and the survival of the individual in the world. Although primarily self-oriented, people with these channels still influence others. Just by being themselves, they demonstrate what is possible.


All circuits are equally spiritual, and each has its own role.

Although most of us have channels of more than one circuit in our Chart, it is often revealing to identify which circuits are most represented, and which centers they connect.

How each circuit expresses itself depends on the awareness and intention we bring to life. For example, the Tribal Circuitry can be clan-oriented and xenophobic, or give a warm welcome to a stranger. Understanding the circuitries enables us to make better informed choices.

The design we are given at birth is raw material, imprinted in our DNA. Its expression can change when we become more aware of ourselves. Going through life, our design interacts with the designs of the people around us, as well as with the energy of the passing planets – the transits.

For example, if a logically oriented person meets a tribal one, each of them has temporarily access to the other circuitry through the interactive field between them. Understanding circuitry can make meeting other people a much more playful and enriching affair. Following your strategy and authority will ensure that you respond in the way that is right for you and that you maintain healthy boundaries.

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Shantamo and Nancy

Nancy and Shantamo have been researching Human Design and Gene Keys to find the best ways to guide people into deeper contact with their true nature.

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