I will create many Satgurus


“A Master is satisfied only when he has created another Master,” states Osho.


Every morning I start with instructions and then the whole day is for you to experiment in. Words can be used but only as instructions, not as propositions. I am not creating any belief system in you here. I am destroying all belief systems. I am simply giving you a few methods, a few techniques. If you know how to use them and you are really interested in search, and you use them, there is no reason why you should not attain. There is no reason at all why you cannot become God-realized. If it has happened to me, it can happen to you.

If you co-operate with me it is going to happen to you. A Master goes on taking everything from you. First he teaches you to become a disciple and then one day he will take your disciplehood also – because a Master cannot be satisfied unless you have become Masters in your own right. A Satguru is one who creates Satgurus.

A Master goes on creating Masters. First he teaches you to surrender so that all that is false disappears. Once the false has disappeared he will tell you to surrender too. Once the false has disappeared he will now tell you to surrender your disciplehood too. A Master is satisfied only when he has created another Master.

In the vicinity of a Master a chain starts working – one flame jumps into other lamps and they start burning. And then they, in their own right, will start jumping into other unlit lamps, and many more will be burned.

People come to me and ask why I am not going into the world. I need not go. I will create many Satgurus, I will create many Masters, just sitting here. They will be traveling, they will be my ambassadors; they will go around the world to share their light.

But one has to go deep into experimentation because only through experimentation is there experience.

Through philosophizing people avoid taking risks.

I have heard….

An aged couple was listening to a broadcast church service. Both sat in deep contemplation and half an hour went by. Then suddenly the old man burst into a fit of laughter.

‘Sandy,’ exclaimed his wife in a horrified tone, ‘why this merriment on the Sabbath?’

‘Ah,’ said Sandy, ‘the preacher has just announced the offering, and here I am safe at home.’

People want to remain safe, uninvolved, uncommitted. They want to grow but they don’t want to commit themselves; they want to grow but they don’t want to sacrifice anything. They want to grow for nothing, they don’t want to pay. These people never grow. Growth is through sacrifice. One has to put all one has at the stake. Growth is a gamble, it is a risk.

So if you are trying to save yourself – let me warn you – if you are trying to save yourself you may be successful. You may succeed in saving yourself, but then nothing will happen. You have to be open, you have to be ready to lose yourself, not save yourself.

Philosophy is very good because it never touches your reality, it simply goes on like a cloud, hovering around your mind. You can enjoy it. It is an easy chair thing. You can go into great thoughts, there is no fear, you are always safe – anchored in your home, anchored in your security, safety. That’s why I insist on sannyas. Sannyas means that now you are becoming committed, now you are getting involved, now it is not just a philosophy with me. You are ready to go into danger, into the unknown, into the insecure.

Many people say, ‘If we listen to you and we meditate, will it not help? Why is there a need to become sannyasins?’ The need is to be committed, the need is to get involved. The need is that you should not stand aloof, saving yourself and then trying something – if you can grab something by trying, good, but you don’t want to get into anything. You don’t want to get into any trouble. But these people are the losers. Their cleverness is not going to help them, their very cleverness will prove to be their doom.

Philosophy is simply a mind journey, you don’t go anywhere, you remain where you are. It is a dream projection; you can sit here and close your eyes and you can be in Calcutta or in Chicago. You can close your eyes and you can be anywhere you like, but whenever you open your eyes you will find yourself sitting here in Poona. That’s what philosophy goes on doing. You can think great thoughts and while you are thinking, you are thrilled. And whenever you come back and open your eyes, you are exactly the same as you have always been. Nothing ever changes through philosophy because philosophy is an avoidance. It simply goes on labeling things: this is this, that is that. Philosophy is labeling. And remember, you are not kidding anybody but yourself.

Osho, Sufis: The People of the Path, Vol 1, Ch 15 (excerpt)


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