(11 November 1950 – 9 July 2020)


Swami Hari Steinbach, left his body in Berlin last Thursday.

He took sannyas in Berlin, in 1978, and the following year went to Pune to sit at Bhagwan’s feet.

For many years he had been a passionate and much-loved childcarer. Whenever his time allowed it, he visited the thriving sannyas community in Ibiza. He married at an early age, but after a couple of years he realised that his heart was longing for a male companion. Tragically, the love of his life passed away at a young age; and Hari stayed single for the rest of his life.

Around 1996, Hari moved to Ibiza for good and built a cute little house in the hills of San Lorenzo, with the help of friend Zorah and others. He started working as a cook for Yoga- and other groups at the local Yoga center; he loved it! He was full of humour and highly intelligent.

Ten years later, missing the big city, Hari returned to Berlin, where he had a very active social life – and cruising the city on his e-bike. He was looking after himself very well, doing yoga, enjoying simple food, being a very contented and humble human being. He took care of others like they took care of him. In one of his last phone calls to friend Prita on Ibiza he expressed how grateful he was for being blessed with so much friendship.

In June, out of the blue, he was struck by a massive heart attack. It damaged Hari’s heart so much that he needed two stents and then an artificial heart. A 12-hour operation took it’s toll, and inspite of being very optimistic, Hari never regained his strength. When his kidneys failed, his life slipped away. Hari had a patient’s provision and definitely did not want to exist depending on machines!

He left his body peacefully.

Text by Anasha; thanks to Anasha also for the photos and alert

Zorah sent this film, made by Danny during the goodbye ceremony held for Hari on the beach of Benirras. Present are Inka, (in orange – because Hari loved orange), Luis, Sandra, Danny, Zorah (in white) and their daughter Aluna.

More Tributes

Lovely Hari, dear old friend,

Jumping up and down to the music of the Dynamic meditation in the good old Anandlok in Berlin our path crossed for the first time.

Struggling through a gay teenagehood and an apprenticeship in a bank, in the German province, Hari hit the road, destination Berlin.

David Bowie, here I come…

For many years Hari worked with teenagers in “Schülerladen”. He took modelling and voiceover jobs and travelled extensively.

For 10 years in the summer season, Hari lived in his little house on Ibiza, where he cooked for a small yoga centre. We would go swimming early in the morning.

He loved Hölderlin, next to David Bowie, of course!

Being a well-educated and keen reader, the dinners on his porch usually turned into hours of philosophising and debate.

So kind, so interesting, so loyal a friend, not to forget his great sense of humour!

Years ago Hari gave up his house on Ibiza and lived all year round in Berlin, where he took on hospice work.

My beautiful gay lord: I love you forever!


Hari and Diya

Ich kannte Hari aus dem Anandlok in Berlin 1978. Und war 1979 mit ihm in Poona. Wir waren sehr gute Freunde, und als ich später meinen ersten Mann Luis in Ibiza traf, war Hari jedes Jahr bei uns zu Besuch; und auch im Winter haben wir uns manchmal z.B. in Goa getroffen.

Weihnachten 1988 hatten wir so viel Spass mit Hari, der sich am Strand immer die Hasenzähne ansteckte und dann mit allen redete als ob es seine Zähne wären. Hari war so lustig als junger Mann. Ich habe ihn auch öfter in Berlin besucht, als er sein “Studium der Absurditäten” begann.

Als Luis und ich eine grosse Finca (Landhaus) mit viel Land in Ibiza gekauft hatten, war Hari auch immer dabei und hat ein Stück Land von uns erworben, um sein Haus dort mit unserer Hilfe bauen zu können. Das waren sehr kreative Zeiten, und dann zog Hari nach Ibiza als meine Beziehung mit Luis 2001 zu Ende ging.

Sandra Morel kaufte unser, inzwischen zum Seminarhaus erweiterte Finca. Danach habe ich oft im Winter, wenn Hari in Berlin war, mit meiner Tochter Haris Haus gehütet. In meinem Leben ging es drunter und drüber in dieser Zeit und seit ich 2008 Sudhir, meinen jetztigen Mann (ehemaliger Director der Mystery School in Poona) kennen lernte, hatte ich weniger mit Hari zu tun. Trotzdem werde ich ihn vermissen und freue mich, dass er so schnell und ohne viel Leid schonmal vor, auf die andere Seite gegangen ist.

Wir sehen uns auf dem blauen Weg der Sterne, mein Lieber Hari,

(Ma Anand Diya) Zorah Leduc

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