Yoga Geeta


(29 July 1944 – 18 July 2020)

Geeta and Dharm Jyoti, 2018
Geeta with Dharm Jyoti, 2018

Ma Yoga Geeta (Narmada Nandini) left her body last Saturday at 11.05 (IST) in her hometown, Rajkot, Gujarat. She was admitted to hospital the previous morning as both her kidneys had stopped functioning.

Geeta was the cousin of Ma Amrit Mukti and Ma Divyagandha (Divya).

She took sannyas from Osho on 5th April 1971 in Mt Abu.

Geeta was also the recipient of many letters from Osho, one of them has been translated to English for Osho News: Truth is always present

A picture story


Osho and Geeta, reading

Geeta reading from an (exercise?) book to an audience in Dwarka, Gujarat, while Osho listens on.

Geeta mentioned that Osho used to hold essay competitions on various subjects and the best ones were rewarded [it is not certain if there were several or only one]. She had won one-of-the-best prize on such an occasion. The essays were sent by post to Jeevan Jagruti Kendra in Ahmedabad [the first trust set up for Osho], and were not read in front of Osho. It appears on the photo, however, that she is reading from her essay – but we don’t know for sure.

Osho at prize-giving event

Another photo from Dwarka at one of these prize-giving events. Geeta also mentioned that the prizes for the essays were given out in various cities of Gujarat (including Rajkot and Surendranagar).

Osho gives books to Geeta

Osho presents Geeta with books.

Geeta standing next to Osho

Geeta standing next to Osho.

Osho and Geeta

Geeta seems to be congratulated and  receive more books.

Mukti, Divya and Geeta

Mukti, Divya and Geeta in the background.

After darshan

Geeta after darshan in Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Pune.

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Geeta was a very sweet & friendly person. Still remembering her softly spoken unique friendliness…
Fly high dear one…

Beloved Geeta,
You were always there with the Master, such a divine devotee.
Fly high beloved. So grateful to have known you.
Sw. Prem Christo

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