Padma’s Art Calendar for 2021

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A new calendar by one of our most favourite sannyasin artists, the painter who designed the Zen Tarot Deck.

The Deva Padma Art Calendar for 2021 is beautiful and inspiring, and as with the 2019 calendar, it has been designed with no special holidays. Padma’s intention is to promote 365 days of opportunity to celebrate, share, express kindness and gratitude. As sannyasins our lives are focused on awareness and this calendar is an ever-present reminder of that. Each month includes lovely art and inspiring quotes. Beside each month’s name there is a ‘key word’ to tweak mindfulness.

Padma was unable to produce a calendar for 2020 as a surprise heart surgery required she totally focus on healing. So it is with joy that this project is underway. Padma said, “It is a terrific way, literally, to ‘hang out in friends’ homes’ and share my art with them for a whole year.”

We all are in need of turning the last weary page of 2020 and this calendar is a sweet and meaningful way to welcome a fresh start in 2021.

This is a limited edition print run, and orders must be made and paid for before 10 November 2020. Covid-19 and the holiday season will likely cause delays so drop expectations! Trust that yours will arrive at the ‘right time’.

Padma's Calendar - January 2021

To order email:
Subject line: Padma Calendar
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