(9 April 1951 – 14 September 2020)

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Swami Dhyan Pragyana, Yuichiro Fujikawa, left his body on 14th September. He was born on 9th April 1951 and took sannyas in July 1981. He had been hospitalized for a while with Parkinson’s disease, and since the Covid epidemic prevented visits to the hospital, we did not get news of his passing until a few days ago.

Ma Prem Nanda writes:

I first got to know Pragyana at the celebration at the Osho EER meditation center in Yokohama on the day after Osho left his body. We played celebration music and laughed and cried together, and from that time I became friends with Pragyana and his partner Prateeksha. With some other dedicated Japanese sannyasins he set up Osho Enterprises Japan, which was for a while the foremost publisher of Osho’s books in Japanese.

When I last saw him some years ago, we went out to a restaurant near his home in Shibuya-ku and the steadily advancing Parkinson’s disease made it an adventure to get him into a taxicab. He advanced towards the car door, bent double, stick in hand, and then threw himself in with one great effort. We all cracked up laughing. Coming home again was more of the same. It was difficult and nevertheless his spirits were high and he was happy and grateful. I stayed many times over the years in his apartment. He was always welcoming with a smile, and always happy to help out even when things were challenging for him.

Pragyana played bass in many of the Tokyo-area sannyasin bands, of which the Banana band (the Osho Enterprises Japan band) was the most recent. They are a wonderful, crazy crew of beautiful musicians, meeting for music groups, celebrations and to support groups and meditations. When Milarepa came to town with his One Sky band, spirits went even higher.

Pragyana also played and recorded with Mad-Words, a Japanese jug band, where he blew the jug and played washtub bass. See an example on YouTube:

I am eternally grateful to Pragyana for his support, loyalty, friendship and humor – and he is always in my heart.


Nanda introduced me to Pragyana when we went to Japan together in 2010. He was one of the most generous, soft-spoken people I’ve ever met. His devotion to Osho and the sannyas path was wide and deep. He had a great sense of humor. I can imagine that he charmed everyone in the hospital before he died.

Pragyana, I am extending the 49 days of the bardo to make flower arrangements as a tribute to you and your mother during this time. Thank you for hosting Nanda and me, taking us to Ueno Park to be under the blooming cherry trees and showing me your mother’s ikebana vase collection.

Loving you always,

What is most memorable about Pragyana is his gentle kindness. Living in Japan in the 1990’s, times were challenging for some of us foreigners eking out a living teaching English in Tokyo. Pragyana was a reliable friend to me and others, always available to help translate and/or write something in Japanese, and definitely available to celebrate in music and songs the life we found ourselves living! It was especially evident how deep his kindness went when he spent weeks caring for another expat sannyasin, Samiyo, a Canadian, at the end of his life due to cancer in the early 2000’s. Samiyo, when he realized he was terminally ill, didn’t want to return to Canada because he had spent most of his life away from his birth family and in communes with sannyasins. It touched me deeply how Pragyana took care of Samiyo when he entered the “hospice” phase of his illness. Later, he shared Samiyo’s last hours in phone calls and emails to sannyasin friends. I feel such gratitude to Pragyana for how he cared for Samiyo and knowing he would have done the same for me and others. Fly high beloved Pragyana, with blessings and love! You are a cherished spirit on the path from here to here!

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