John Hogue’s Presidental Predictions: Who Will Win the Popular and “Unpopular” Vote

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The election is not a done deal! The 2020 US presidential elections and possible future developments seen from an astrological angle and with insightful understanding… Arjuna’s (John Hogue) remarkable new book has been launched.

Who Will Win the Vote

John Hogue’s Presidental Predictions 2020
Who Will Win the Popular and “Unpopular” Vote

by John Hogue (Swami Dhyan Arjuna)

Fully illustrated e-book (PDF)

Available by contacting Arjuna at this link:

With his well-known impeccable timing, Arjuna has just published his 50th book, using astrology to line out in immense detail how this election came to pass and how the issue will keep unfolding.

Not only does Arjuna show how the election rolled out in the way it did, he also details the next eight years of US revolutionary history.

He says, “Whoever wins and becomes president, be it a President Trump or a ‘President Pence’, be it Biden winning the legal battles to pave the way for a ‘President Harris’, and perhaps her replacement… the coming eight years (2021 through 2028) will usher the death and rebirth of America as you have known it!”

A very thought-provoking in-depth analysis of the stars on Inauguration Day illuminates what kind of president any of the four potential candidates presents.

The book also includes revealing insights and statements by Osho and Gurdjieff about America that are as alarmingly valid now as at the time they were made.

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Arjuna elucidates,

On high noon, 20 January 2021 the President-Elect will stand with hopefully
all the other three candidates, his and their families in a throng of VIPs from
the three branches of government for a swearing-in ceremony on the West
front of the US Capitol Building in Washington DC. They will be facing,
hopefully, a peaceful throng of a million or more people crowding the National
Mall all the way to the Lincoln Memorial.

I doubt many in that crowd will be silent or even civil at the swearing in.
Nor can I rule out one team of candidates and their VIP supporters’ families
scheduled to stand on the West front might boycott who was chosen by
disputed balloting, Supreme Court ruling or the House of Representatives
applying the 12th Article of the US Constitution to be “elected” president and
vice president.

In Judicial/Political Astrology, the divination art of reading the aspects of
nations and leaders and their life cycles, Noontime on 20 January 2021 is the
moment of “Birth” of a life-cycle of a president’s four-year term in office. We
are going to apply Judicial astrology to divine what kind of presidency either
the incumbent Donald John Trump will potentially experience or his opponent
Joseph Robinette Biden.

We will also consider an overview reading of their Vice Presidents’ destinies
as the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction had not only been looming over Election
Day, these planets of Fate are in an even tighter conjunction in Aquarius now,
in the heavens over Inauguration Day. That they are in an air sign might grant
the future four years of the next president of the United States some
mitigating aspects. This may also be true of their Vice Presidents either
Michael Richard Pence or Kamala Devi Harris. We will need to look at these
two astrologically as presidents.

A condensed overview via the chapter titles:

How to achieve 14-and-0 predicting the popular vote since 1968 in the weirdest election year of them all!

Chapter 1
To be or not to be a candidate in 2020 under the shadow of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction and the curse of Tecumseh

Chapter 2
The general astrology on Election Day: 3 November 2020

Chapter 3
The astrology on Election Day for the challenger former Vice President Joe Biden

Chapter 4
The astrology on Election Day for the incumbent President Donald Trump

Chapter 5
Remember, remember the national recount chaos of November, December…

Chapter 6
On the road to Inauguration Day a pit stop of wannabe presidents through the gauntlet of the US birth chart

Chapter 7
The ominous stars of upheaval for whoever is inaugurated president on 20 January 2021!

Chapter 8
The inauguration (I-day) astrological composite of four potential presidents (or more) in the next four years!

Chapter 9
John Hogue’s forecast winner of the popular vote: the American majority’s choice for President of the United States

Chapter 10
John Hogue’s forecast winner of the “unpopular” vote: the Electoral College

American prophets who foresaw either a second revolution or a second civil war

Excerpt on Osho News

To break the Curse of Tecumsehwith a quote from a discourse by Osho


  • Arjuna is an expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus, speaker and author of 1,000+ articles and 50 published books  in 22 languages.

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