(14 December 1936 – 1 December 2020)


Nandani writes from the Netherlands:

Ma Dhyan Navya had had a severe stroke and spent many years in a nursery home where she was very well looked after, also by her loving children and friends. Her mind was quite clear and many a times we went down memory lane and talked about our incredibly beautiful time with Osho, in Poona 1 and 2.

A light of deep connection with Osho was around her – and ‘an inner knowing’.

Last Tuesday I visited her and saw that her body was getting weaker. Navya received palliative sedation on Saturday and left her body in her sleep on Tuesday at 18.30 hours.

Navya’s cremation will be held on Tuesday, 8 December, at 16.30 – in the presence of her close family

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