The Great Conjunction


A Human Design perspective of the upcoming heavenly event – by Shantamo.

Human Design Chart of the moment of the Great Conjunction
Human Design Chart of the moment of the Great Conjunction

A conjunction is a merging of energies, in this case of Jupiter (expansion, generosity, and – sometimes groundless – optimism) and Saturn (limitation, discipline, realistic, and sometimes with a bit gloomy view of life). For astrologers it is the first Great Conjunction in an air sign and the start of a 200-year cycle. Some see it as the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

In Human Design, the conjunction happens in Gate 60, Limitation, Line 5, Accepting restrictions agreeably. It ushers in a dynamic of still living with restrictions in the material world, while simultaneously supporting us to open our hearts to ourselves and the people around us.

Great Conjunctions happen only every 20 years, so they have a generational effect. The upset that Pluto has caused is not going to go away, even if the pandemic will be brought under control. Limitation in material circumstances will become a permanent part of life for many of us.

Paradoxically, this opens the space for miracles, because at the same time there is a great opportunity to experience how we can transform life by changing our attitude to the world we live in. This will manifest most clearly in our relationships. Since the conjunction happens in the incarnation theme of the Vessel of Love, it highlights how we can reclaim the natural openness we are born with by remembering our true nature in all our interactions.

The ability to maintain this openness will do more to enhance our life quality than merely increasing our possessions can accomplish. By the way, in the business world it helps to connect with the right partners and team members.


Shantamo Kamstra is a Human Design reader and teacher, and a Gene Keys Ambassador. –

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