The age of Aquarius represents peace and brotherhood


Akhil and six-year-old daughter Premo are called up in darshan to come forward to sit in front of Osho.

Osho in Darshan

Osho (to Premo): When did you arrive?

(No response.)

Osho (turns to Akhil): And how long she will be staying?

Akhil: Forever.

Osho: That’s good! Come here… come close to me! People who stay forever, I have to change their minds!

Ariano – an occult name given to children born in the Age of Aquarius.

The age of Aquarius represents peace and brotherhood, it heralds the birth of a new man. The past has been very ugly; man has lived in a very aggressive, violent, inhuman way. The whole past history is worth destroying. It is better not to remember it. It is disgusting, nauseating. It seems almost impossible that man can do such things to other human beings.

War has been our way of life in the past. And because of war we have been taught to hate, to be ready to kill, to murder in beautiful names, behind beautiful slogans. The capacity to love has been destroyed, because a man of love cannot be reduced to a warrior. A man of love is bound to become a sannyasin. To be a sannyasin means to live at peace with existence, in deep love and joy and celebration. And that is going to be the way of life of the new man.

The new man has to change many things. First: all the nations have to disappear from the earth, all the churches, all the races, all that divides humanity has to disappear. The earth has to be transformed into one humanity, into one brotherhood, into one family. That is the task before us, and for the first time it is possible to make it a reality.

In the past it was impossible. Dreamers have always dreamed about it, poets and visionaries and mystics have always talked about it, but the basic science and technology needed to do it was missing. Now it is available; the vision can become a reality.

When the first man walked on the moon, the first thing that he realized was not that “I am an American or a Christian or this and that”; from the moon he could see the earth as one, and a great longing arose in his heart and he called it “My earth.” Now, this was not possible before.

Means of communication, television, radio, satellites, airplanes, they have reduced the earth to a global village. Science has done its work, now religion is needed to fulfill its task. And that’s what we are doing here.

Our effort is to create a new man who is simply a human being, with no adjectives attached to him, neither Christian nor Mohammedan, nor Hindu. He is neither Italian, German, nor French; he has dropped all those nonsensical concepts. He is neither black nor white, because he knows black and white is only a skin-thick phenomenon. The pigment that makes the difference is not worth more than one rupee, and what is one rupee worth? (Laughter)

The new man has not only to drop these unnatural barriers but a few so-called natural barriers too: for example, the idea of being a man or woman. It seems to be biological and there is a truth in it: there is a difference between the physiology of man and woman, but that need not make them different species. That need not create any psychological superiority, inferiority. Spiritually they are not different at all. Just because their organs differ it makes no difference. It is not a difference to make much fuss about; it would be sheer stupidity. The new man will be simply man, neither man nor woman.

A great revolution is waiting for us, and it has been waiting for centuries. Now the right time has come, and if we miss it now then we will be responsible; if we miss it man cannot exist anymore. The old ways have come to the very end. Some new way, some new life-style, some new consciousness is needed to prolong life on the earth.

You have a beautiful name, with tremendous significance. Try to make it a reality – at least in you, because that is the only way to transform the whole world. Begin with yourself; there is no other beginning.

Osho, Even Bein’ Gawd Ain’t A Bed of Roses, Ch 3 (unpublished)

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