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(2 February 1942 – 6 January 2021)

Satya Dev
Santosh and Satya Dev

Satyadev, was known as Satya Paul in the fashion world. In 1980, he had launched L’Affaire, the first ‘saree boutique’ in India, and in 1986 together with his son he founded the acclaimed fashion clothing brand, Satya Paul. He has inspired designers all over the world. Bhagawati remembers that he had received the rights to use Osho’s signatures on the sarees he made.

His son Puneet writes on Facebook that many are not aware “that more than a designer or entrepreneur, he has been steadfastly a seeker. In the 70’s his inner journey started with going to listen to talks by J. Krishnamurti,” later, in 1976, he took sannyas from Osho.

Swami Satyadev joined the Rajneeshpuram commune together with his wife Santosh, his daughter Richa and son Puneet. After Osho left his body in 1990, though he wasn’t looking for another master, he discovered Sadhguru in 2007. He immediately started enjoying the path of yoga and in 2015 he moved with his family from Delhi to be with Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore.

We also hear from his son that “he had suffered a stroke on 2 December 2020 and that he was slowly recovering in hospital. His only wish was to get all the things ‘he was being monitored and poked with’ removed, so he could fly away.” They finally got clearance from the doctors to take him back to his home, the Isha Yoga Center. As per his wish, he gently passed on with blessings of the master.

Chaitanya Keerti writes, “Whenever we met, Swami Satyadev addressed me with Keerti Moshai, How is manushyajati? Others sometimes mistook me for Satyadev because of our resemblance. And on this topic we often had a great uproarious laugh during our lunch or dinners at his farmhouse. He had designed his farmhouse really tastefully, with large pictures of Osho. He was a unique passionate Zorba sannyasin. I miss him so much. Who will not miss such a wonderful human being?”


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Obits via Facebook

Tribute from Satguru

Slipping away like ‘The Satyapaul’
A Radiant Joyful Man, with a fullhearted smile of a toddler and the spunk of a teenager in his step, packaged with his signature white beard, he was a quite a vivid looker! Spotting him strutting around joyously with his better half during the Biksha Hall time and evening walks with an ever so incandescent eyes brimming with keenness of a child, subconsciously always left my heart so full. His memory leaves a faint smile with a tiny pinch of pain of not ever seeing him around again. That being felt and been said, with my puny little mind, I cannot fathom a better life and a better exit than slipping away in the lap of my master! Blessed Man Indeed!
Mehak Amar

A very energetic, creative and flamboyant gentleman. He was a lovely friend who I remember first meeting in New York. He made my wedding day very special by designing and hand making my Sherwani.
RIP Shahji you will always be remembered. #satyapaul
Tony Dhawan

Tributes from the Sangha

Satya Paul, the epic designer, known to me as Swami Satya Dev, an Osho sannyasin

An intense man, full of life and vigor… passionate about everything, be it designing, cooking or meditation… a multi-talented, tasteful, creative person.

I am fondly remembering the moments spent with you in Rajneeshpuram, in the Pune ashram, in your farmhouse in Delhi, at Nisarga in Dharamshala; all the laughter and the jokes. Missing the yummy food you cooked for us every time you came to Nisarga. Remembering the colorful fashion show of Osho signature sarees you held at the Blue Diamond hotel in Pune. I remember how you ingeniously printed Osho’s messages on the sarees: ‘Make Love not War’, ‘Save Trees’, ‘One World One Humanity’, leaving a strong impression on the young me.

And how can I forget the love with which you designed the Osho signature and Osho calligraphy sarees especially for my mom and how she looked gorgeous in them, bagging compliments from Osho himself! Your friendship and care towards my mom, Neelam, always touched me. Thank you, Satya Dev!

Staying in your farmhouse right now, feeling your presence, remembering your unending zest for life in late-night chats with mom, missing you!

I know you are in good spirits, flying high on your journey ahead. Bon Voyage Satya Dev!

Love You…

Priya Dhall


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