Three limericks


… with commentaries by Osho.

I was reading a limerick yesterday. I liked it.


There was a young man
who said, ‘Damn,
I have just realized that I am,
a being that moves
in predictable grooves.
Not even a bus, I’m a tram!’

Just watch yourself and you will find yourself not even a bus, but a tram: fixed grooves, well-trodden paths, repetitively. And you become more and more efficient in them. You completely forget how to live. It is as if you are being lived by a mechanical life; you are not living it because you are not conscious about it.

Come Follow To You, Vol 4, Ch 2, Q 3


You say: I don’t understand a word of what you are saying.

There is no need to.

A limerick from Yatri:

There’s a Master in Poona I’ve heard
Who swears that he’s not said a word.
Thousands go there
To gaze at his chair,
And he’s not even there… it’s absurd!

Philosophia Perennis, Vol 1, Ch 4, Q 4


Abhinandan has got the point in a limerick:

Osho in Buddha Hall, Poona

Oh, what a strange Master we’ve got,
He feels neither cold nor the hot.
He sits in his chair
With his little toes bare –
I suppose it’s because he is not.

Come closer and closer to me to find that I am not. But you will be able to find that only when you are not. Only two nothings can meet and see and understand each other. The Master is not, the disciple has to disappear. The Master is only a device for the disciple to disappear.

Philosophia Perennis, Vol 2, Ch 3, Q 2

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