Wild Mild Clicks


Wildlife photos – with a poem – by Tarpan.

Love is Fire - chakoram as our guest
Be Still and Yellow!
Simply sitting, the fish comes by itself...
Wait, for nothing
Chorus in the Time of Covid
Emerging Silence
Hook - the moment
Beware of the Path - otter's evening walk
A Moment before Sunset
The Heron Duet
My Dream of Herons
Stand still, like ripples
Pilgrim Flock

Not wild as such
Not mild as such,
These are all just clicked in
When I took just a few steps
Into our neighbourhood,
Into the nearby paddyfield
And all.
Among them, a few have been edited a little.
Otherwise, all of them are just as they appeared
In front of my camera
As a gift of the moment.
‘Learning photography’ is another art,
Maybe much patience and practice is needed, but
‘learning from photography’ has a whole significance
As far as a seeker is concerned,
Especially if we try with living beings.
One may be a camera expert, technically skilled, but
How challenging it is to absorb
Their living moments as they are, the spontaneity, let-go, alertness, aliveness, silence,
joyfulness, aloneness, togetherness,
Vulnerability and all.

There is no post-process in photography, for sure;
It is always a present process,
Present process only.


Dhyan Tarpan is a writer, translator and musician from Kerala. facebook.comdhyantarpan.com

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