Brahm Vedant


(8 July 1932 – 14 January 2021)

Brahm Vedant
Brahm Vedant

Swami Brahm Vedant, a self-realized sannyasin, revered by thousands of Osho lovers all over India, left his body in his Osho Anand Sannyas Ashram in Madhopur-Ghed, Gujarat, on the morning of 14th January, one day after the birthday of George Gurdjieff, who was his most favourite enlightened master. Many people called him Bhagwan, but he preferred to be called just Swami Brahm Vedant, the name given to him by Osho during his sannyas initiation in the early seventies.

Swami Brahm Vedant’s very simple ashram in Madhopur is near the ocean, and has always been open to meditators and seekers from around the world. There is no mandatory fee for staying there. It’s mostly run on a donation basis. You can donate as per your convenience and it’s alright if you do not have any money. Work is meditation and one is free to do any work in the ashram. Mostly people wake up early to do their work; Swami Brahma Vedant himself used to wake up at 6am to start his daily work.

Ma Dharm Jyoti, Amrit Sadhana, and other meditation facilitators often went there to conduct meditation camps. Ma Anand Taru, Osho’s most favorite Kirtan and Mantra singer, spent the last years of her life at the Osho Anand Sannyas Ashram. This video gives a glimpse of this ashram:

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Brahm Vedant funeral


I met Brahma Vedant in 1995 in his wild and beautiful ashram. I did not know he was already realized but when I first saw him – I will never forget the way he was walking… like Osho… coming from another planet, slowly, pure beauty and light. I felt a pressure on my back pushing me to touch his feet – a thing I never did usually. And when I touched his feet I started to cry and cry… He touched my head – so lovely. I still have no words for that…
Atit Maria

Love you, Bhagwan.
Om shanti shanti shantih.
Jivan Sahaj

Osho and Brahm Vedant

This beloved Sw Vadant
Holds a very special place in my heart.
I only met him once while traveling with friends we visited his Ashram.
I was blessed to share private time drinking chai and enjoying his most precious presence.
In my view he was a beautiful ordinary enlightened one which is rare, I feel.
My story:
We arrived and where welcomed and stayed a few days.
I had a feeling to ask a ? Though Vadant was speaking in Hindi.
As keys got misplaced to the car we where returning to Pune in, so we had to stay an extra night.
It was a full moon night and as everyone had mainly left we got a beautiful opertunity to walk with Vadant, my 2 friends and his partner / translator/ disciple in the full moon night.
I wanted to ask him about 3 experiences I had had in Pune which I had not felt to tell anyone else about.
We sat in a field under the full moon and he asked me to tell him in detail what had happened to me.
I did this… afterwards he gave me the most perfect answer in his gental simple way “A most auspicious happening!” At was perfect!
I also asked him about charlatans. people pretending to be enlightened or spiritual guides.
His answer to this also so simple, clear and clean “Charlatans are also needed” and explained that they eventually helped us find the real.
He asked me how I new if someone was authentic.
My answer was: “I feel how I feel after I leave the experience or person. And if I feel more space within myself I know this has been a blessing to me. If I feel contracted then it is not for me.”
He replied, “That feels good.”
I also asked him what it was like to be enlightened. He told me that he did not feel enlightened but had had an opening at one of Osho’s camps and since that day had been able to answer people’s questions. He said that at that time – many years ago – he felt enlightenment a far greater thing.
We shared a beautiful Kirtan while there and with the women in the group got to meet a beautiful female India mystic who was also staying there.
Sw Vadant was so available, open like a big heart on legs – as I described him.
Sad to know he is no longer on this shore, but for sure he will be still showering his big heart whereever he is.
I bow my head in gratitude to this beloved one.
My master is Osho, though through his blessings I have met some wonderful others who have held space for me.
If one is listening, the blessings always come in a whisper.
Often when not expected.
A moment’s meeting with Sw Vadant was wonderful and remembered in my heart.
Love love hugs

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