For three lives you have repeated the same cycle again and again

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (139)

Osho teaching finger raised


The springs of meditation are close at hand
but the layers of suppressed sex work like rocks.
The repression of sex has choked your life with anger,
its smoke pervades your whole personality.
When you were meditating in front of me the other day
I saw all this very clearly,
but I could also see that your will is very strong too,
your thirst for God is also strong
and you are working hard,
so there is no need to be disheartened.
Difficulties are there,
blocks are there,
but they will break up
because the breaker is not yet broken.

Meditate totally and soon the springs will be reached
But you have to put your whole being at stake –
nothing less will do.
Hold back a bit and you will miss.
Time is short so gather all your strength;
whilst the opportunity is here
your effort must be total.

It is difficult to say whether you will have
such an opportunity in another life,
so everything must be finished in this one.
If the gates don’t open this time
you will have to start from the very beginning next time –
and then it is far from sure that I will be with you.

In your last life you worked for it
but the work was not completed;
and it was the same in the life before that.
For three lives you have repeated the same cycle again and again –
it is time now to break it.

It is already late,
any further delay would be foolish.

My regards to all.

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