Gardens in Space

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Spacey animations by Anil Saraswati.

I have always been fascinated by worlds depicted in fairy tales and fantasy fictions. Always wanted to give them some form but had no resources to accomplish that.

Then 5 years back I came across the fascinating world of fractal art which is a rare combination of mathematical formulas and creative expression. I had little understanding of maths but a long experience in filmmaking. For the next four years I tried to find my way through this maze called 3D fractal art.

As the great lockdown began I began to create these surreal universes.

As far the music goes I am not trained as a musician and just play by heart. These are simple compositions that just flow out of somewhere in me.

Anil Saraswati

Anil Saraswati is a writer, filmmaker and 3D motion artist.

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