April Fool’s! ‘The Bhagwan’, Wild Wild Country’s third installment?


Further developments at Netflix! Fresh from the Press.

Osho speaking

PORTLAND, Ore. Thu April 1, 2021, 0:10am PDT After Netflix recently announced that a documentary about the later years of Ma Anand Sheela, Searching For Sheela, was in the making, rumor has seeped through that a third film is being planned. This however, will not concentrate on the historical events that had affected our State thirty years ago, in such a way that it even made us change some of the voter registration laws.

In the planned documentary, The Bhagwan, the emphasis will be given to the teachings of this controversial Indian guru, now also known as Osho. Also in this docuseries the main emphasis will be on a number of disciples, selected among now globally well-known artists, musicians, writers, therapists and leaders of holistic institutions and meditation centres.

It appears that the researchers of the docuseries are preparing questions the likes of “What part of Bhagwan’s teaching has changed your life the most?” and according to the answers they intend to find original footage from his discourses to make the point.

It is expected that each episode will be dedicated to a particular subject: Love, Sex, Relationships, Meditation, Death, Psychology, Humor, History, Ecology, Science, Zorba the Buddha and The New Man, expressions the guru has coined to explain his ideas of humanity’s future.

There will be enough controversial material in all of the above to keep the viewers binge-watching as did Wild Wild Country in 2018. It will also silence the criticism of the disciples, of which there are apparently a huge number spread across the globe, that in the WWC docuseries “no importance whatsoever had been given to Osho’s message.”

Date of release is expected to be sometime at the end of 2021. It is not clear if the list of selected disciples has been completed and if they have already been contacted.

More to come on this channel.

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