…left his body on 29 March 2021.


Chinmaya writes:

My dear bazanak (brother-in-law in Turkish, for men who marry sisters) Zaheer left his body in Athens. He will be remembered by those around the Osho Commune in the late ’90s as a wizard accordion player and beloved member of the Music Department. I introduced him to my partner Naveena’s sister, Dakshina, at a party in Pune in 2001. It was love at first sight and they went on to have two children, living in Osho Afroz on Lesvos, Greece; in Israel and latterly on the Greek island of Aegina. Zaheer was a true Zorba, living as one despite two strokes some years ago. His smile and his music will live on.

Zaheer plays accordion for an Evening Meeting of the White Robe Brotherhood in 2000:

And here is a link to Zaheer playing on a track (The Watcher) from my album ‘Yoga on Sacred Ground’:


Oh it is shocking to hear that Zaheer is gone.
I was part of his band during the Millenium Celebration at the Osho Intl. Meditation Resort.
I loved to play the Greek music with its complex rhythms, and of course, I also loved Zaheer!
He lead the band beautifully and was very very musical and juicy.
Beloved Zaheer, fly high!

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