Letter by Neelam to PM Modi and other voices about the planned sale of the Basho plots

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New date of hearing in Charity Commissioner office is 14th June 2021. Alongside the objection by Osho Friends Foundation to the sale of the plots which is presently with the Charity Commissioner in Mumbai, Neelam wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, asking for his support in the matter.

Many sannyasins have voiced their concerns and have also written letters to three main Indian public authorities, to save the plots from being sold, and to preserve Osho’s Samadhi and Osho’s Legacy in general.

First we are showing two of the many personal statements on video.

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Neelam’s Letter


Leader of our hearts!

Dear Shri Modiji,

I have been working as Osho’s personal secretary, after His return from World tour in 1986.

The Master chose me for taking care of His work in India, being a bridge between India and the West and also a member of Inner Circle.

It was His Blessing that I continued functioning in the same position until 1999.

After that I felt strong voice to resign and move out of the Ashram, as there were many obstructions in performing my role from the members of Osho International Foundation registered in Zurich and Operating from Pune, India. The management was not doing the right things and the devotion for the Guru was missing.

Now I live in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh where we have created a beautiful Osho Meditation Center Osho Nisarga.

My purpose of writing an urgent letter to you is about the recent unpleasant developments taking place at Osho Ashram in Pune – the plan to sell Ashram properties by Osho International Foundation trustees. The main trustee is Mukesh Kantilal Sarda, who has always been working on the directions of Osho International foundation registered in Zurich. This Foundation in Zurich was created secretly and registered by a small Western group long after Osho left His body in Pune. Mukesh Sarda has always been their agent in India with self serving interests.

Now they have crossed all limits of plundering the Ashram. They have already taken away valuables such as IPRs of Osho books and discourses. His robes, His paintings and other personal belongings. Now they want to sell the Ashram land. News of this sale is very PAINFUL for Osho lovers around the world who have always contributed generously to create this energy-field in love and gratitude to their Master.  It is their temple – not any commercial property.

Please weigh the wishes of lacs of Osho lovers around the world to not allow the Ashram sale till you receive complete details through an enquiry.

I request you sir, there should be a proper inquiry and they should not be allowed to sell the Ashram land.

This insensitive sale is going to be very PAINFUL for hundreds of thousands of Osho lovers around the world who have always contributed generously to create this energy-field in love and gratitude to their master. It is their temple – not any commercial property. I do hope that you will consider this request to honour the genuine wishes of lacs of Osho lovers around the world and not all the Ashram plots to be sold.


Ma Yoga Neelam

Enclosed: Annexure 1




OIF Zurich Corporate Identification number (CIN) is CHE-103.798.234.
This information is available on the internet. OIF Zurich currently has 5 active committee members according to Osho sannyasins’ website:

Michael Byrne – President
John Andrews – Vice president
Rudolf Kocher
D’Arcy O’Byrne
Klaus Steeg

Earlier Mukesh Sarda was also a member. He was on the Board both in Zurich and Mumbai.

After the closure of Rajneeshpuram (Oregon, USA), Osho transferred the publishing license back to the Rajneesh Foundation (RF India), later it had the name change as Osho International Foundation (OIF). A few years later, OIF Zurich started claiming that Osho transferred his copyrights to OIF, Switzerland, despite Osho’s intentions to keep the publishing license in India. With the help of Mukesh Sarda, this Western group has deprived the Ashram in India of all the funds that it generates outside India, claiming to be Osho’s successors of all Intellectual property rights. They continue to treat the OIF trust in India as their licensee of franchise.

Besides that, for many years they have been manipulating the OIF trustees in India to sell off some plots belonging to the Ashram.

There has been cases of siphoning of trust funds to private companies.

Osho Friends Foundation is opposing the Sale of the Ashram and have asked for change of trustees.


For further information and updates on the ongoing proceedings please see:

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