(12 October 1956 – 29 March 2021)

Sadhu in Rio de Janeiro, March 2020
Passport photo, aged 43
With UG Krishnamurti, approx. 2001
Tibetan Healing Group, Pune 2
Pune 1
Entry pass
Energy darshan, 1980
Taking sannyas, 26 May 1980

Martina writes:

My beloved husband has voluntarily departed this life on 29 March 2021. His last few years were very difficult as he has been suffering from unbearably loud tinnitus for over 10 years, which, despite numerous measures he had undertaken, did not get better, on the contrary…

Swami Anand Sadhu was born Bernhard Stöger in Munich, Germany on 12 October 1956. He spent most of his life in Munich and also died there.

In 1980 he came to Poona and became a sannyasin. He described the time like this: “I had the feeling of coming home. It was the most beautiful time in my life.”

Sadhu was a strong spiritual seeker. After Osho’s death, he sought out other spiritual masters such as Papaji in Lucknow, Ramesh Balsekar in Mumbai, Ranjit Maharaj in Mumbai and finally UG Krishnamurti in Gstaad in Switzerland. However, he always remained faithful and grateful in his heart to his first master, Osho, which was also demonstrated by the fact that he never discarded or changed his sannyas name, Anand Sadhu, which he received personally from Osho, as many others have.

Sadhu earned his living mainly as a taxi driver in Munich. He had a strong personality, was highly intelligent, eloquent, broadly interested in various topics and very well read. For me, he was one of the most authentic and honest people I was privileged to meet, which was indirectly confirmed by his last guru UG Krishnamurti: “You keep your name Sadhu, because you are honest!”

He leaves behind a daughter who lives with her family, husband and son, in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and his grieving wife Martina.

You will be in our hearts forever!

Sadhu’s sannyas darshan

(To Bernhard) – This is your name: Swami Anand Sadhu.
Anand means bliss. Sadhu means one who is very simple.
An embodiment of simplicity.

Be blissful and be simple.
A complex person is bound to be cunning
Because he has so many personalities.
He is a crowd – how he can be simple?
And he has to manage
The whole madhouse within himself –
He cannot be simple, and of course,
He cannot be blissful either because
Those so many faces, so many personalities,
Those so many small selves
Are constantly at each other’s neck.
There is constant war inside,
People are living in a civil war
Fighting within themselves –
One hand fighting with another hand
One leg fighting with another leg
One part fighting with another part.
Hence the mess in which humanity lives,
Hence the misery.

Bliss and simplicity
Are like two sides of the same coin.
Bliss means you are one
There is no crowd, you don’t have many faces,
You have simply your original face.
You don’t pretend to be anything else
You are simply whatsoever you are.
You live in total acceptance of it
In the very suchness of it.
You have no desire to be somebody else.
Complexity arises
With the desire of being somebody else.
Complexity arises with the ideas:
You are this and you would like to be that
You are A and you would like to be B;
Now you will be in trouble – you can never be B.
You are A and you are going to remain A.

Now there are only two possible ways of being A:
One is, being in constant conflict with it
And suffering, miserable;
Another is, in total acceptance of it.
Bliss is the by-product
Of that deep acceptance of whatever you are.
That is simplicity.

A simple person is one
Who has no hankering to be anybody else
Who simply rejoices whatsoever he is.
He never compares himself with anybody.
He knows everybody is different
Hence there is no point in comparison.
He never puts himself above others
Or below others.
He knows, ‘I am myself, they are themselves.’
There is no question
Of inferiority or superiority;
Nobody is inferior and nobody in superior.
Then great simplicity arises in you
And with that simplicity
Comes the fragrance of bliss!

Osho, No Man is an Island, Ch 29


Satprem with daughter
Satprem and daughter Sahajo feasting in memory of Sadhu.

I do know Sadhu since 1980 from the Pune ashram.

We kept being in contact over all the years, and met last 2020 in Munich.
He was a very funny guy… even when he had depressions.
His humour wasn’t for everyone. It was a little odd. One needed to know him well.
He always had a good joke for any situation and made me laugh.

When in 2000 I had a difficult time, Sadhu spontaneously invited my daughter, Sahajo, for a holiday with his daughter, who was about the same age.

He loved to dine and wine and was very generous.
Once in Goa, when I didn’t make enough cash to pay for the Kho Hsuan school which my daughter visited, he gave me a small parcel packed in silver paper.
I thought he had brought some special German chocolate.
When I opened the package at home, I found a gift of 3000 Euro.

When I came to know about your sudden death, it did hurt.
I am certain to never forget you.
You will always keep a place in my heart.
Fly high, my friend.
In love, with love.
Ma Satprem

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