Become the truth

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (143)

Osho 1960s

Love and blessings.

Live the truth,
for there is no other way to find it.
Become the truth,
for there is no other way to know it.
You cannot know truth through words,
not through the scriptures,
nor through learning, study, contemplation.
Truth is within, in the emptiness within.
In the state of no-mind,
in the mind free of desires where only awareness is,
there truth manifests itself.
Truth simply is,
it has not to be found,
simply uncovered.
The lid of gold covering it is the ego.
Ego is darkness;
die, and become light!
Where the darkness of the ego is no more
there, in that emptiness, truth is;
and that is truth,
and that is bliss,
and that is immortality.
Do not seek it,
just die and it is there.

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