Meera Art Museum (MAM) inauguration


Finally, the museum in memory of Meera will officially be opened, writes Svagito.

Meera Art Museum

Inauguration date: August 21 at La Selva, Italy (near Osho Miasto, Tuscany, Italy)

After a long delay because of Corona we are finally ready to officially open the doors for our museum in memory of Meera and her life work. This museum is in the middle of a forest very close to Osho Miasto Institute in the Tuscany hills. It contains a special selection of 34 of Meera’s original paintings and also hosts a projector room for viewing videos of Meera’s training courses and a small shop and café.

We will celebrate the occasion with an afternoon vernissage at the museum with drinks and snacks, followed by a festival dinner, painting performance and a live music concert at Osho Miasto.

The Osho Miasto team and the Meera Art Foundation team worked really hard to make this happen and I hope this will become a place of inspiration for many to let their creativity shine and live a life of joy and abundance, just as Meera was showing us. I also wish this place to become a hot spot for art in the future, where many other artists can present their work.

Please come and join us and book your attendance in advance!

(Special thanks to Shakti, Anu, Maitri, Hamido, Hendrik and many others. Without their support, this would not have been possible!)

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Svagito is a therapist, teacher and training leader. He was Meera’s partner for 25 years and is curating her legacy.

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