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Japanese Spring: entering the wonderland of Meera’s paintings

Svagito's invitation to an Art Exhibition with Workshops in Munich, 30 May - 2 June.

Partner Painting

An excerpt from Meera's book, 'Dancing into the Unknown' where she explains a healing technique: painting with a partner - illustrated by a video from a workshop.

Meera Art Exhibition – A display of beauty, elegance and depth

Svagito's report, video and photo slide shows about the exhibition-cum-events held near Munich last weekend.

Meera Art Festival and Exhibition

Painting exhibition and events on creativity and self-expression in Diessen am Ammersee, Germany, May 25–27, 2018 (10 am to 9.30 pm).

Dancing into the Unknown: Osho Painting and Art Therapy

Philippe Nirav reviewed Meera Hashimoto's third book which is being launched today. The book teems with exercises and psychological insights from her workshops where she integrated [...]

Intuition and Spontaneity

An excerpt from Meera's posthumously published book, Dancing into the Unknown: Osho Painting and Art Therapy.

Celebrating Meera’s Legacy

After Meera's death there have been various events worldwide to celebrate and remember her life and work. We asked Svagito, who has been organising many of them, to let us know [...]

Trio exhibition, an homage to Meera

Three Dutch artists; Abhilasha, Pathika and Meera; showed their artwork recently near Amsterdam.

Paintings of Life

A video of Meera's paintings with music by Yoko.

Intensity in action: explosion of creativity

Suha watches the preparations of an open-air exhibition of paintings made by participants of a workshop with Meera, in Pune, India.

Meera (updated)

...left her body on 21st February 2017.

The Sacred Mission of Art

Meera teaches art to children, artists, sannyasins and journalists in Brazil.

Almost an Original

Vira interviews Meera and Premendra, the printer of some high quality reproductions of her paintings