Osho Art Therapy and Painting Training


An invitation from Svagito to a 12-day intensive training, 29 July – 9 August 2022 in Amalurra, Spain.

Exhibition Meera

Hello friends,

spring is coming and with the blossoming of nature the wish to be fully alive and creative is awakening.

If you are longing to find your authentic creative expression, we want to invite you to our next Art Therapy and Painting Training in Spain.

In this training we are creating the space to reconnect with your aliveness and sensitivity and to become conscious of inner barriers that prevent you from being the creative individual that nature wants you to be.

The deep, transformative and at the same time joyful process, developed by Meera Hashimoto, will be led by Svagito Liebermeister together with Meera’s long-term assistants Sahaja Kunkunate and Prem Raj.

This training is designed for those who want to explore their inner world through creativity and also for those who are interested in working with people in this way. Besides painting we also include meditation, dance, body exercises, group dynamics, therapeutic exercises and personal sharing. No prior experience of painting is required.

For more information please visit: meera-art-foundation.com or write to: info@meeraartfoundation.com

Living Zen – Meera Art Exhibition: Meera’s various artwork will be exhibited in the Orangerie, a beautiful location next to the English Garden in Munich, Germany. from 24 – 29 May 2022 (PDF)

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Svagito is a therapist, teacher and training leader. He was Meera’s partner for 25 years and is curating her legacy. family-constellation.net

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