Mastering the art of Sweet potato gluten-free brownie cake


… while resisting doing some computer work! – a recipe by Arianna Artioli.

sweet potato chocolate cake

Sweet potatoes are keeping the brownie moist while adding so many healthy nutrients I don’t even start listing! Enjoying each moment, doing my best!



300 gr sweet potatoes steamed and mashed
100/150 gr gluten-free flour mix (I used buckwheat, rice and oat flours)
1 fresh egg
1 spoon of chia seeds in 5 spoons of water
1 banana cut in small slices
1 spoonful of goji berries soaked (or other berries you like!)
80 gr coconut flower sugar
80 gr sunflower seed oil (or any other oil you use for baking)
30/40 gr cacao powder
half a spoon of baking soda
half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
a pinch of salt
chocolate chips as much as you like, for inside and on the top!


preheat oven at 180/200 degrees
mix all ingredients with love (the professionals say soft ingredients first then add dry to the soft)
bake for 25/30 min until it smells amazing, enjoy and share it!

Note: I just invented it so you can play with the ingredients as you like. You could add some tahini, shredded almonds, or choose not to put the bananas in or use less sugar. I am a carob fan so added some homemade carob syrup and 40 gr of carob flour. Whatever you will add, it will be delicious!


Arianna Artioli is a yoga teacher and the co-founder of the Arillas Music Farm, Corfu.

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