Meera Art Festival and Exhibition


Painting exhibition and events on creativity and self-expression in Diessen am Ammersee, Germany, May 25–27, 2018 (10 am to 9.30 pm).

Meera Art Exhibition 2018 Ammersee

The title of this event, ‘Meera Art Exhibition’, organised by the Meera Art Foundation together with Chetan’s Tanzstudio Ammersee, should in our view rather be called ‘Meera Art Festival and Exhibition’ as we put it in our title, because according to their programme (PDF) there will not only be an exhibition of Meera’s larger paintings but also some 2-hour workshops twice daily (dance, painting, systemic constellations and somatic experiencing, guided meditations), Osho Active Meditations, multimedia and music events, including a dance party. This as an introduction of Osho’s and Meera’s vision of creativity.

Last year Meera’s husband, Svagito, Viramano, who used to lead bodywork trainings together with him in the 90th at Osho Tao Centre Munich, and Chetan, an old friend of Meera’s and a dancer, choreographer, dance and psychotherapist, all on the board of the Meera Art Foundation ( that Svagito founded after Meera’s unexpected death last year, came together for lunch.

They had the idea to create something special for Meera’s birthday on 24th of May. Chetan knew about exhibition rooms in Diessen in a beautiful location close to the Ammersee lake. She checked out if they could rent the hall – and here they are ready to received the visitors. Many friends from different countries have already annouced to join. A lot of friends are helping with organizing all details and can also assist in finding accommodation.

“I am sure it will be a very beautiful event,” writes Chetan.

For more information and booking check out the programme PDF or call Chetan at +49 8144 989918 or +49 170 2962736

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