Doubt is a search for trust

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (145)

Osho 1960s


Atheism is the first step towards theism,
and a must.
If you haven’t been through the fire of atheism
you’ll never know the light of theism.
If you haven’t the true strength to say No
your Yes will always be impotent.
So I am glad you are an atheist –
something that can be said only by a theist.

So I say: Go deeper into atheism.
Superficiality won’t do,
so don’t just think atheism, live it –
and it will ultimately lead you to God.
Atheism isn’t it,
it is just a doubting.
Doubt is good but it isn’t it.
Actually, doubt is a search for trust.
So go on, take your journey,
for the path to truth starts with this doubt.
Doubt is sadhana
because doubt eventually exposes the incontestable truth.

Inside the seed of doubt is the tree of trust.
so if you plant the seed of questioning
and work on it
you are bound to harvest trust.
And beware all religions!
Only religions obstruct the true path of religion.

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