…left his body on 8 May 2021.

Hareesh with Tosho

Swami Anand Hareesh left his body early morning, May 8, 2021. He was 94 and completely devoted to Osho in his retirement in Asheville, N.C.

Hareesh was a Psychotherapist using his experience with Osho in private practice and doing group work with many people who also traveled the road towards sannyas. He was co-creator of Indradhanu Rajneesh Meditation Center in Patchogue, N.Y. for several years (late 1970’s / early 1980’s). Also in his retirement, a few years back, he attempted to recreate the center in Asheville.

It was a true labor of love and devotion from his deep joy towards Osho. Hareesh was instrumental in leading many many people towards Beloved Osho.

He had his two daughters close by, so although he lived privately he had loved ones to look in on him and assure he was safe, happy and healthy. Besides Julie and Lisa, he also is survived by a son, Mark, who lives in Osaka, Japan.

He left peacefully and gracefully; his head resting beautifully upon his pillow.

Tosho writes:

Hareesh and ToshoDuring the years when Hareesh and I lived together and opened Indradhanu Rajneesh Meditation Center, we were visited by many people, sannyasins (and others). Remarkable – people who were eager to explore their selves and as Hareesh always said “willing to put their ass on the line.”

One wonderful friend whom I met at the airport in Mumbai is an amazing photographer, Allan Forest (Sw Deekshant). Our time together over those couple of days when he and a friend joined us, were amazing and filled with awesome revelations. Allan took this photo of Hareesh and me. It represents so much of the depths and commitments we held towards each other and our hearts felt devotion to Osho and his work.

At our home… our living room was the Meditation Room and group room (mostly empty space). We offered meditation evenings, groups and of course audio lectures of Osho. Usually we asked people to bring a dish to share during longer meetings, as they became communal gatherings. Books and tapes were available for sale and/or rental. Several people wrote to India for sannyas, and when their acceptance letter arrived, we had malas to bestow upon them. Our efforts were full-hearted although the center was modest by standards of the wonderful place in Woodstock, N.Y.

Those years were magical for me. I owe a huge debt of gratitude towards Hareesh that he chose to join with me in such an amazing journey.

My Darling Dearest Beloved Hareesh. Fly High. We are Celebrating You… my heart sings for your flight!

Bio and photos thanks to Prem Tosho

Darshan with Osho

Hareesh Pune 1[A sannyasin (Swami Anand Hareesh) says: I feel your breath on me, and feel that I am willing and able to serve you.]

You will. You will do much for me. Many things have to be done there (in the west). And you are ready. Just start working, helping in your own way whatsoever you can do, because humanity needs many things. It is a very critical time… a great crisis, an unprecedented crisis in human values.

Either man will be completely destroyed or will have to completely change.

So just start working with no plan, no outward strategy. Just go by your feeling. And you are surrendered to me so I can start working through you.

[Osho gives him a name for a centre in North Carolina.]

I will give you a name for whenever you go. The name: Indradhanu. It means the rainbow.

Dhanu means bow and indra in Indian mythology is the god of clouds, rain, thunder, lightning. So the rainbow is his bow, Indira’s bow.

And I give it this name – indradhanu – because it will be very very representative of my attitude towards life. I accept all colours. I am not in any way negative towards anything. This is a totally positive approach. From the lowest to the highest rung – everything has to be accepted and enjoyed and man has to become a meeting of heaven and earth. A rainbow is a meeting of heaven and earth – a bridge, and with all the colours.

Religion has become very colourless in the past. It has lost dance, song, poetry. It became just dry, dead theology. Life has to be infused into it again, so it must be life-affirmative. It must not be life-negative and anti-life. It must affirm and enhance life in every way. It must be creative. It should
not call anything ’sin’. Yes, errors there are. Errors, yes, mistakes, yes, failures, yes – but there is no sin.

There are people who miss heaven, but there is no hell. At the most you can miss heaven, that’s all. That’s enough punishment. What more is needed?

Osho, Dance Your Way to God (Darshan Diary), 18 August 1976 Chuang Tzu Auditorium


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