– 26 August 2021


Anand Indira (aka Paddy Monk) had many adventures in her life. She was born in England in 1939 and came to America as a child with her divorced father. She attended UCLA film school and became a film editor. At UCLA she dated Jim Morrison of the Doors and hung out with Steven Spielberg types. She did primal therapy in Los Angeles with John and Yoko. Indira was married for a few years and had a son who died in Maui when he was hit by a car at the age of five.

Indira was a spiritual seeker and spent time in India and on the Ranch in Oregon with Osho. Many will remember her as working in Rajneeshpuram Security.

She travelled the world working on films and lived in the US Virgin Islands, in MI, FL, CA, OR and WA.

Indira moved to Orcas, WA, in 1990 and lived there until her move to Rosario Assisted Living in Anacortes, WA in 2015. She was creative and artistic, known for her sculptures, cards and bookmarks that were sold at the Artworks. Indira was also an accomplished chef and worked at the West Sound Store and Café Olga.

She was kind and generous and at times cantankerous. One of a kind… Always with her beloved white dog, Sonny, she carried biscuits to hand out to every dog she met.

Indira will be missed by her many friends.

Text and photos thanks to Divyo


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