(26 April 1944 – 29 August 2021)

Pyasa laughing outside flat
Pyasa laughing
Pyasa, Mala, Sidika & Trish
Pyasa (centre) in Leela Coffee Shop
Pyasa and Mala - DIY
Pyasa & Mala
One Night in India with Adima & friend
Post-meditation at Relaxation Centre
Pyasa and his brother
Pyasa and Premant in garden
Pyasa, the Nature lover
Pyasa and Dave & guitar
Pyasa and guitar on holiday
Pyasa and his brother and sister
Pyasa and his beloved master Osho

Our beloved friend Sw Antar Pyasa (Inner Thirst) (aka David Hone) left his body on Sunday, 29 August at 4.45 pm in Bristol, England.

Pyasa was born on 26 April 1944 in Isleworth. He grew up in Ilford, Essex and later became a computer engineer working with early IBM computers. His work took him to Sydney and Fremantle and a love affair with Australia which he explored by motorbike and where he first met the people in orange. Pyasa took sannyas and spent time at the Ranch before coming to Pune 2 where he was a gate guard at Lao Tzu.

On returning to England, he joined the Osho Leela 1 community and then moved to Bristol where he worked as an aromatherapist at the sannyasin-run Relaxation Centre where he also led meditations.

Pyasa was a lover of the finer things in life – playing his guitar, practising Tai Chi, walking in nature, watching the birds in the garden and enjoying a bottle of wine. He loved the peace and quiet of his flat, sitting on his balcony and was often moved to tears by the gratitude he felt. Pyasa always said he had two gurus: Osho and Adarsha – he was a huge fan of Adarsha’s exquisite guitar playing and would quote him on the importance of playing at least 15 minutes every day – though he often played for hours – ‘noodling’ as he called it.

Pyasa enjoyed his own company but was ever ready to help friends put up a shelf, paint a door, stack wood or weed an allotment – especially if the day could be finished off with a glass or two of good wine!

Pyasa was diagnosed with bladder cancer at the end of last year and started treatment before Christmas. He received palliative chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments in February, March and April. Not surprisingly this left him exhausted but still able to care for himself at home with some practical and emotional support from his friends and the NHS. Alongside his exhaustion and evident pain and some confusion, Pyasa remained in good spirits, heartfelt tears, determination, humbling gratitude, and laughter.

His physical health took a dive at the end of May when he was taken into hospital in Bristol, after it became clear that his kidneys were not functioning well. He returned home to his flat in Clifton, Bristol supported by his good friends Mala, Premant, Tanmayo, Chandravat and Sidika and ample supplies of home-cooked meals and chicken broth prepared by Kamla. His physical being declined until he was bed bound and he finally needed to be moved to a nursing home where he spent the last three weeks of his life before peacefully letting go with Chandravat at his bedside.

Much love and gratitude to you, Pyasa for your friendship, sensitivity, wonderful hugs, laughter, tears, guitar-practice encouragement and realness. Fly high beloved friend!


Rather than have a service at the crematorium, there will be a small gathering for family and close friends on Friday, 10th September at 12 noon to 2pm in Bristol. We are compiling a eulogy to be read at the gathering and would very much appreciate anecdotes, stories, memories from any of Pyasa’s friends around the world so we can celebrate the different phases of his life. Please send these in written, audio, video or photographic form to Sidika at (with ‘Pyasa’ in the subject line of the email) and using free or similar to send any large files. We can also include any tributes shared on this Voyages page.

You’re also very welcome to send a separate tribute, poem or song for Pyasa which we can read or play at the gathering.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Pyasa, we suggest you do so to RSPB or Greenpeace both of which he supported. Another option which we know Pyasa would greatly appreciate is to contribute to the Go Fund Me Campaign Fundraiser for Claire Brinsden by Lee Bolton : Help Mala support our Dying Friend ( set up to support Mala who has been Pyasa’s main and constant support and care organiser during the many months of his illness.

At some point in the future, we will hold a wider gathering outside to scatter Pyasa’s ashes. Please email Sidika if you would like to join us for this.


You can leave a message / tribute / anecdote using our contact form or writing directly to (pls add ‘Pyasa’ in the subject field).

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