Suspension Bridge

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Raghu Kondori’s film was awarded with the Golden Cat at the Senior Movie Poland Film Festival 2021.

Suspension Bridge with Cat Award

We are so proud of the first Prize award, the Golden Cat statue of the Senior Movie Poland Film Festival 2021, for our film Suspension Bridge.

Thank you to the festival and the jury.

Congratulation to our team: Actor Raghu Kondori, Chang Te Tung 張得中, Cinematographer Yeh Tao, Music Composer Francesco Marzola, Editor Domenico Pandolfo, Sound Editor Rick Novlesky, Colorist Fatih Öger, Casting Director Angie, and Producer Raghu Kondori.

We will receive the Golden Cat statue by post.

Watch the short film Suspension Bridge at the festival First-Time Filmmaker Sessions. It is now live to the public and you can also vote! Tickets are now available on this website, it is 110 film:

The film is showing attempted suicide as a problem in the modern world, where the hero choose life after all.

1.10.2021: Edited last paragraph (content).

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