Mankind’s illusionary life


An article by George I. Vasilev.

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The nation, the planet, humanity… What happened to them? What exactly are they? Do they actually exist? Or are they just a figment of our minds? One meets people and interacts with them throughout life, but one never meets the world, mankind, or the homeland. We, as humans, live primarily through symbols, and we have become so engrossed in abstractions and diversions that we have lost touch with reality itself. We live in a world full of diversions, yet we live in a state of deep sleep. We must face reality and acknowledge that human beings are more essential than ideals, beliefs, or any other ideological, political, or religious organisations.

Statements like “America first” or “Make America great again” are not only dangerous (implying dominance), but they are also backward in their mindset. It’s completely absurd. It’s simply a term, nobody is great. However, political conditioning is such that people automatically give in to such bombastic hollow phrases. This is merely an indication of man’s sleepiness. Such regressive thinking has been ingrained in man since the dawn of time; it even reduces man to fighting animals over territories. Man has yet to overcome his beastliness, his animal heritage.

Except for the outer changes that have occurred (and continue to occur) as a result of technological advancements, man’s inner reality (with the exception of the few awakened individuals) remains primitive and barbaric. Regardless of how cultured and educated we are, man continues to struggle in the same way he has for years, if not millennia. The only difference is that the methods have evolved; they are now more civilized, sophisticated, and refined. The exceptions are the so-called Islamic state organizations with their barbaric actions. Otherwise, when it comes to dominance, the desire to conquer, destroy, and kill, man’s proclivity for it remains firmly entrenched.

If this were not the case, man would not have had to manipulate and dominate others, and mankind would not have been permitted to sacrifice one another for abstractions, for all kinds of political and religious folly, all of which has been covered and decorated with the beautiful and pompous words that politicians relish. Of course, with good cause; otherwise, the vicious circle of nationalism, wars, and vested interests would be weakened, and man would murder and be killed in the name of man – what irony! For the sake of humanity!!! The worst part is that people all across the world believe this is how things are and that there is nothing that can be done and the vicious loop continues to spin out of control.

Most of us still have prejudices and xenophobia, and if such an awful, racist crisis comes, people will simply wait for the bubble to burst, aided by certain far-right politicians and other mercenary politicians who are ever ready to take them for a ride. The planet is living on a razor’s edge since power in some countries is held by insane politicians, as we can see by matters more often than not going from bad to worse.

This is the world we live in as humans; it is a world that politicians have created and continue to develop. And politicians will always find a way to justify and regard war crimes as unavoidable. What else can diplomacy be used for if not for that? The truth is, of course, always on the side of the powerful. That’s politics. Its very core methods are based on ancient Greek demagoguery, therefore one must be cautious. We all know that politicians say one thing but mean another, or that they talk a lot but don’t say anything of substance. And, of course, we’re all aware that it’s all about money.

Money is power, and power is money, and let’s not pretend this is not true. In politics, as in any business, it’s about getting more and giving less. Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to vested interests that are only about money and lots of it.

Politicians appear to be just interested in playing the game of democracy. All communities and other organizations believe they have a say in the role of the government, whether directly or indirectly, which is obviously not the case, other than to sit in the dark and try to solve it. And the general public, or so-called citizens, are given the option to pick or at the very least participate in this democratic game, or are we? All political systems or political games that humanity has experienced so far – from feudalism to monarchy to aristocracy, and in some countries, even communism and fascism – democracy has proven to be the most acceptable game for all people worldwide (though the political system is still evolving). At the very least, we have the illusion of political freedom and the ability to choose how we live.

On occasion, we  see crucial parliamentary debates on television or even referendums to resolve political disagreements. Is there anything more democratic than that? In the eyes of the locals, it’s just dust. Referendums, on the other hand, are just cunning political tactics, nothing more, nothing less, or are they a modern-day Machiavellian strategy? What is a referendum, exactly? It’s a devious plan devised by a small group of ambitious politicians. Yes, people vote on their own, but it isn’t as simple as it appears. Unaware people act automatically, stupidly, and far from what they really want. Tracing the roots, we will discover politicians who impose their own will on people in a way that all believe is democratic.

Of course, it’s just a game, a political game, that people have to play until they wake up to reality and realize that life must be respected in all of its forms, and that man should not be sacrificed for religious or political beliefs, or for the sake of killing or being killed, as in primitive times, and then rewarded and made a hero posthumously. Oh, yes, it’s just a technique, a very subtle strategy, to allow all of these so-called political games to continue. It all rests on man’s ability to awaken (through meditation and increasing awareness) and recognize that all of the obstacles he faces – beliefs, ideologies, and conditioning – are nothing more than delusions that keep him from waking up to reality and becoming conscious of his human beingness.

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George I. Vasilev

George I. Vasilev, originally from Bulgaria, is a journalist and published author.

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