Human Design: Gates of the Month
June 2022

Human Design: Solar Transits Transits

A new series by Marga.


In Human Design, as in astrology, the Sun moves from sign to sign over the course of the year, but the 360 degrees of the Zodiac are not just divided into the 12 signs, but into 64 further sections, called Gates, which are inspired by the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching, also known as the Book of Changes. In this column, we present, month by month, the Gates that are activated by the passage of the Sun, and any Channel that might take place in combination with the movement of other planets. Together they influence everything that happens to us, as we are individuals immersed in the collective cosmic energy…

Signs of the Zodiac: Gemini to Cancer

1 – 7 June – Gate 35 ~ The Progress

It’s time to grab your backpack and sleeping bag – inner or outer – and go on an adventure. And adventure is about probing the whole rainbow of human experience first-hand, to understand even its most hidden aspects. Together with Neptune from Gate 36, The Resolution of Crises, this Sun position gives access to the Channel of Versatility, opening up the possibility for the manifestation of words and emotions, and all that can come to life from them. Beware of getting overwhelmed by feelings, especially for those with undefined Throat and/or Emotion Centres, and saying or doing things you might regret later. And if that happens: compassion for allowing yourself the luxury of being deeply human.

8 – 13 June – Gate 45 ~ Aggregation

Thanks to the presence of Mars in Gate 21, Control, which together with Gate 45 forms the Channel of Money, certain issues relating to the management of resources, including finances, may become more urgent than ever these days. It is wise to seek common ground on which to base action before proceeding further. Those in a position of authority or command will probably have to prove their virtues, even before their abilities, before they can win the trust and consensus of others. Sometimes it is simply the difference between those who work solely in pursuit of their own interests and those who know how to achieve benefits and advantages for all. And it is also the difference between a despot and a true ruler (whether king or queen) of one’s own life.

14 – 19 June – Gate 12 ~ The Standstill

Sometimes you have to stop completely before you can get going again. And sometimes you really have to wait for the right moment before you can express yourself. Gate 12 offers us an energy field that allows us to take stock, without necessarily having to act or speak. And it may not be easy to realise this immediately, mistaking a pause for a difficulty. This Gate also has a romantic and poetic connotation: see if your heart feels like being carried away… But don’t forget that moments of love are often followed by a certain melancholy: sing or write a song to exorcise or transcend it, without rejecting it.

20 – 24 June – Gate 15 ~ Humanity

A mysterious, tantric and alchemical Gate, common to all life forms. Hence perhaps the image of Modesty and Humility attributed to it by Chinese tradition: in this realm we are all equal, there are no superior races or species! Also, Summer Solstice always falls on this Gate, as if to mark the cadence of the years, in their journey through light and dark, day and night, following the Sun’s pace. It is important not to try to understand it, because it is not something that belongs to the head, but to the deep breath of our living nature. It is an extreme moment, where light is at its highest, or at its lowest, depending on which hemisphere of the Earth we are in. As we are reminded by the opposite Gate, Gate 10, Behaviour, which always hosts the Winter Solstice: it’s like “treading on the Tail of the Tiger”: will it bite or will it leave us alone? Celebrate your life and your humanity, the moment is propitious, come what may.

25 – 30 June – Gate 52 ~ Mountain

It’s time to climb up high and sit and watch everything, as if from the top of a mountain. If there is one Gate that represents classical meditation – sitting in silence and stillness – it is Gate 52! And it is particularly interesting that it is also the Gate of Stress. So, watch where the energy goes: is it quiet or agitated? Calm or impatient? Or is it blocked? And in any case, the answer is not ‘to do or not to do something’, but simply to observe quietly from within what is going on, whether it is an ecstatic Vipassana session, or a… panic attack. Stillness is not the absence of movement or stress, but the wisdom of knowing how to understand one’s situation and give it time to be and then change. ‘This too shall pass’, whether ecstasy or agony.

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