Always see what is

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (152)

Osho early portrait

Always see what is.
The facts.
that which is.
Do not project anything,
do not interpret,
do not impose any meaning
that is, do not allow your mind to interfere —
and you will begin to encounter reality.
Otherwise everyone lives in his own world of
And meditation is coming out of these worlds,
these dreaming patterns.

A philosopher stopped Mulla Nasrudin on the street.
In order to test whether the Mulla
was sensitive to philosophical knowledge
he made a sign, pointing at the sky.
The philosopher meant: There is only one truth,
which covers all.
Nasrudin’s companion, an ordinary man, thought:
The philosopher is mad.
I wonder what precautions Nasrudin will take.
Nasrudin looked in his knapsack and took out a coil
of rope.
This he handed to his companion.

Excellent, thought the companion.
We will bind him up if he becomes violent.

The philosopher saw that Nasrudin meant:
Ordinary humanity tries to find truth by methods
as unsuitable as attempting to climb into the sky
with a rope.

Now can you remain content with the fact
of Mulla Nasrudin giving the rope to his companion
without any interpretation whatsoever?

Remain with the fact, and you will be in

Osho, A Cup of Tea, letter 152

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