Horoscope for the Month of Scorpio 2022


This month’s horoscope by Phoebe with quotes by Osho. “You are heralding a new dawn, a new beginning.”

'Scorpio' mandala by DEvaPadma
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Phoebe would like to point out that we all have all the twelve zodiac signs in our horoscope – some with planets in them and some are empty – meaning some of the themes addressed are in the foreground and some in the background of our lives. “I recommend readers to read all twelve quotes, not just their star sign, for a wider perspective on the themes of the month,” she says.

Planetary Positions

Sun in Libra enters Scorpio on 23rd October.
Eclipsed New Moon on 25th October in Scorpio.
Eclipsed Full Moon on 8th November in Taurus.
Mercury in Libra enters Scorpio on 29th October and then enters Sagittarius on 17th November.
Venus in Libra enters Scorpio on 23rd October.
Mars in Gemini turns retrograde on 30th October.
Jupiter, retrograde in Aries, re-enters Pisces on 29th October.
Saturn in Aquarius.
Chiron retrograde in Aries.
Uranus retrograde in Taurus.
Neptune retrograde in Pisces.
Pluto in Capricorn.

Mood of the Month

“You are heralding a new dawn, a new beginning. You may not understand exactly right now, but through you human consciousness is moving towards a new height, dropping all that is rotten and old and creating a new garden with fresh flowers with more color, with more variety, with more individuality, unique beings with a totally new vision of life. Spontaneous, alert, living moment to moment, neither being bothered by the past nor being tortured by the future, a humanity that knows only one state of time and space: for time only now, and for space only here.”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 33


“When you have learned how to be utterly silent, unmoving, undisturbed, when you know how to just sit – sitting silently, doing nothing – the spring comes and the grass grows by itself… The doer disappears, the doing continues. And, when there is no doer, the doing is spontaneous. It cannot be otherwise. It is the doer that does not allow spontaneity… The doer means the ego, the ego means the past. When you act, you are always acting through the past. You are acting out of experience you have accumulated… and because of the past you cannot even see the present.”

Osho, The Dharmapada, Vol 2, Ch 10


“The more you make life safer and secure, the more it becomes dry and a desert. Insecurity means you have to remain awake, alert to all the dangers. And life is always passing on a razor’s edge. The idea of being secure and safe is very dangerous, because then you don’t need to be alert and conscious. In fact, to avoid alertness and consciousness you want security and safety. Live moment to moment with all the insecurity there is. The trees are living, the birds are living, the animals are living. They don’t know anything about insurance… That’s why every morning they can sing.”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 26


“Compassion basically means accepting people’s frailties, their weaknesses, not expecting them to behave like gods. That is cruelty, because they will not be able to behave like gods and then they will fall in your estimation, and they will also fall in their own self-respect. You have dangerously crippled them; you have damaged their dignity. One of the fundamentals of compassion is to make everybody dignified… But you have to remember that by being compassionate you don’t become higher, otherwise you spoil the whole thing. It becomes an ego trip… Compassion has to be understood, because it is love come of age”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 22


“To be clean of memory means to be clean of past, and to be clean of past is to be absolutely open and available to the future. Memory is not of the future, memory is of the past. It is always a graveyard. And the future belongs to life, to intelligence, to silence, to meditativeness… One who cannot respond to reality immediately needs a memory system so that he can remember old answers, old situations, what he has done before. But then his response is no longer a response; it becomes a reaction. And all reactions fall short of the situation that is ahead of you, because the situation is continuously changing.”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 32


“Why is there pain when you are alone? The first thing is that your ego gets ill. Your ego can exist only with others. It has grown in relationship, it cannot exist alone. So if the situation is one in which it can exist no more, it feels suffocated, it feels just on the verge of death. This is the deepest suffering. You feel… as if you are dying, but it is not you who is dying but only the ego which you have taken to be yourself… It cannot exist because it has been given to you by others… When you move into loneliness you become nobody… Only then will you know that the death was just a door to immortality.”

Osho, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol 2, Ch 30


“Except man, the whole of existence is utterly relaxed. The moment you are tense you are no longer part of existence, you are left alone. That creates great anxiety. If you are relaxed, the stars are with you, and the trees and the rivers and the mountains and the birds – everything is with you. The whole of existence suddenly turns into a home. You are not a foreigner in existence, you are not an outsider, you are not a stranger, you belong to it. You are rooted in it. Your life and its life are not two separate things. They are one phenomenon. The whole idea of separation is false.”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 33


“Millions of people go on living in relationships which are simply hell. But just out of the fear that they will be left alone they go on clinging. It is miserable, it is a great suffering, it is a torture, but at least somebody is with you… Only a man or a woman who is capable of being alone is also capable of being in a relationship without being destroyed by it, because being alone is no longer a fear… And to be alone is our nature… Once you have experienced in the deep silences of your heart the beauty of your aloneness and the ecstasy of your aloneness, all fear will be gone. And you will laugh at your past: how stupid you have been!”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 33


“Money and sex are the lowest, and people are living only in the world of money and sex, and they think they are living. They are not living, they are only vegetating… Life has many more kingdoms to be revealed, an infinite treasure which is not of this world. Neither sex can give it to you, nor money, but you can attain to it, use everything as a step… Use sex as a meeting of two souls, not only of two bodies. Use sex as a meditative dance of two persons’ energies. And the dance is far richer when man and woman are dancing together – and sex is the ultimate in dance – two energies meeting, merging, dancing, rejoicing.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 2, Ch 4


“Life is a tremendous mystery… behind this apparently ordinary existence there are so many mysteries, incalculable – you just have to be open to it… The ordinary, normal life is not going to give you anything. It is just a burden, a drag from the cradle to the grave. Only if something of the spiritual starts happening, do you start for the first time having some meaning, some significance, some blissfulness. And as you become attuned to all these experiences, existence goes on opening new doors – doors upon doors, peaks upon peaks and there is no end. The mystery is infinite.”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 23


“You should never do anything because of duty. Either you do something because of love or you do not do it. Make it a point that your life has to be a life of love, and if out of love you respond, that I call responsibility. Break the word into two – response-ability, don’t make it one. Joining these two words has created so much confusion in the world. It is not responsibility, it is response-ability. And love is able to respond. There is no other force in the world which is so able to respond. If you love, you are bound to respond; there is no burden. Duty is a burden.

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 27


“When Bodhidharma laughed, it cannot have been only a no-mind laughter. It must have got down into the mind, created ripples in the mind; it must have got down into the body, created ripples in the body. We are an organic unity. Anything that happens anywhere has its echoes all over our being; hence my emphasis on the sense of humor… Laughter has a health, a beauty, a quality of grace and dance. I am in absolute favor of laughter and against sadness. Sadness is sickness and is very close to death. Laughter is life and is very close to the universal life, to the very God that is spread all over.”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 23


“People go on following others’ advice. Live according to your own light and then whatever happens, you will find a peace, a contentment, a fulfilment. You may not be a great success in the world, you may not be very famous, but you will be yourself. And the person who is himself is naturally meditative, naturally silent. He has no preoccupations because… he has never repressed any desire, any instinct, any natural longing. He has nothing to be preoccupied with. So remove all your preoccupations. This is the negative work, and then the meditation, the silence, the opening will be the rewards coming to you on their own.”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 8

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss is a regular contributor for the monthly horoscope and is the author of various books on astrology – astrophoebe.com


Padma is an internationally exhibited artist, the creator and designer of the Osho Zen Tarot and the Tao Oracle. embraceart.com

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