Prem Abhay

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(7 May 1937 – 21 October 2022)

Prem Abhay

Prem Abhay (Wieger Doeven) was a man with a beautiful heart, combining the innocence of a child with the wisdom of an old CID commissioner in one of the major cities in the Netherlands. That was his job before Osho came into his life when he took sannyas in the late 1980s. His wife and eldest son Amano also took sannyas.

In cooperation with Osho Publikaties, he translated many of Osho’s books into Dutch. In recent years he was also a faithful contributor to the Vrienden van Osho newsletter, translating many meditations from Osho’s Book of Secrets.

In spite of his 85 years, he regularly went ice skating with a group of friends and touring around the countryside on his racing bike, until an unlucky fall from his bike caused serious complications.

As one of his skating friends commented at his send-off, “He lived the way he skated: lichtvoetig (light-footed).”

His family was also “surprised and dismayed at Prem’s early departure. He loved movement in all its appearances. His once strong body gave way; now it has become silent. His soul moves on….”

Prem and skating friends
Prem and cousin August
Amano and Prem in Poona 2003

Text and photo thanks to Srajan

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