Chakra Awakening Series


Somatic Movement Transformation: 3 Friday online classes with Maneesha, 11, 18 and 25 November 2022.

Chakra Awakening Series

May you allow the wild beauty of the invisible world to gather you, mind you, and embrace you in belonging.”
– John O’Donahue

Move with the Natural World

For centuries our societies have been based on the idea that we humans, because of our ability to think, are above nature, and superior to all the other beings in the natural world. And that humans have the right to conquer and control nature – including our own bodies, which are part of this natural world. This has resulted in us repressing our natural instincts, energies, feelings, intuitions, and the wisdom in our bodies and in nature itself. It has resulted in all of us being split from our own basic nature, and from the beauty, knowing and guidance available within the natural world.

These days the wrongness of that thinking – which has divided us from ourselves and from the beauty, protection and wisdom in nature, is speeding to a destructive end. In this time, we have a choice – we can get anxious, overwhelmed, isolated, lonely, become depressed or shut down.


We can stop believing in all the falsities we have been taught, and start listening to a the mystery inside our own bodies and consciousness, and the huge mystery all around us.

Sit next to a tree, a rock, a river, a spiderweb or even just sit somewhere you can see the sky. Stop, listen. Wait. Open the pain in your heart to that wild beauty. Can you feel it as a dance, a movement, a continually unfolding being?

The somatic movement transformation work we are doing in Dance Alchemy brings you back to your true nature, the real in your own energy system. Examining, feeling them unwinds the mental concepts about yourself that are painful in life: dance heals what is blocked and opens your own understanding.

This month we offer 3 classes to give you a taste of coming back to your real energy, healing the repression that we carry in each of the first 4 chakras, which in our system take care of survival, ability to feel, power, and love.

Chakra Awakening Series

3 Friday Classes November 11, 18,  25
9-11:30am MST
5-8:30pm CEST
online via zoom

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Our energy centers, or chakras, are related to different areas of life, so the fears and difficulties we have in life, as well as our gifts and strengths, can be contacted, healed and expanded when we explore the chakras.

Comments from participants

It was amazing to dance, to feel the chakras, to express these feelings in dance, to accept myself AS I AM, to give my acceptance to other people! You helped me to bring AWARENESS & INTENSITY in my life!￰ I feel real joy and so much happiness inside?”

– D. Shriya, St. Petersburg, Russia

In the moment I learned how to come in touch with the heart space, my meditation went deeper. It was like the missing piece. After so many years of meditation, the heart is the part that was kind of missing.”

– D. Vargas, Berlin, Germany

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