– 13 November 2022.

Ma Anand Tanmayo grew up in Chile. After raising three children, she decided to study Psychology and have her own career. She became a sannyasin in 1981 after hearing about Osho in Porto Alegre, Brazil. With other Chilean sannyasins she then started the first Osho Center in Chile, named Sagaro.

End of 1982 she went to live in Rajneeshpuram with two of her children, Aniketa and Sanjiva. They stayed until the end of the Ranch and many remember her working at the Hotel and specially at the Clinic (RMC).

After leaving the Oregon experience, she became a well-known transpersonal therapist in Chile and worked for many years, until 2000, when she retired to the coast of central Chile, in Algarrobo.

She visited Osho when he was in Uruguay and spent a few months in Poona 2.

Tanmayo has always been on a spiritual journey. For many women of her generation she was an icon of courage, strong will and persistence.

In 2000, she was diagnosed with breast cancer which she dealt with in a beautiful way; got surgery but when the doctor told her to do chemo or radio, her statement was, “I want quality not quantity!” Then, in 2022, a terminal colon cancer was detected.

After two blood transfusion and severe weakness, she decided that it was her time to go on her own terms; so she decided to voluntarily stop eating and slowing down drinking. She was very clear that there was no dignity in prolonging life, and a lot of pain was not her choice. She was excited and happy to end her life in a natural and conscious way – which she did the best she could.

Tanmayo left her body on 13 November at the age of 85. She died peacefully, surrounded by her three children.

A farewell celebration will be scheduled after her body has been cremated, as it was her wish.

Text and photos sent by Sanjiva

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