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…left her body beginning of January 2023.

Shahida passed away early this month, just 10 days before her 90th birthday.

I’ve spent the last 22 years with her here in W Massachusetts and it’s been a blessing to have so much time together with grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The Tibetan healing work was one of the most significant parts of her life, where she felt like she was a part of something bigger than herself with people she loved and respected, doing important work together. I think it was the happiest time of her life.

Lynn Benander
Shahida’s daughter

A celebration for her was held on 21 January 2023 in Massachusetts.

Thanks go to Suchira and Gandha

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Beloved Shahida!

You where a part of our Pulsing family and I loved you very much! I am sure you are having a good time, flying high like we did always while pulsing in the pyramid in the wonderful energy of our beloved Master!

One in the pulsebeat!

Jitendra Yasmeen

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