Addiction is not always bad

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Osho speaks on ‘Addiction’.

Chocolate keyboard

Addiction is not always bad.

If you are addicted to beauty, to poetry, to drama, to sculpture, to painting, nobody tells you to drop the addiction.

Addiction has to be dropped only when it makes you unconscious. Alcoholics are told to drop the addiction, but here my teaching is of consciousness — be addicted to it more and more.

Osho, The Osho Upanishad, Ch 23
Quote published in The Book: An Introduction to the Teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
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Neelamber’s commentary to the photo:

Are you really keen on the Internet AND Chocolate?

Here’s your answer then: a brilliant 85% cocoa solids keyboard! Mind you, be careful which keys you devour first… I’d strongly recommend starting with the function keys, then carefully work your way through the other ones you rarely use. Make sure Ctrl, Alt and Delete are the last!


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