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(14 November 1948 – 11 March 2023)

Heinz at the lake

Swami Anand Heinz Luchsinger grew up in Zurich where he apprenticed as a reproduction photographer. He was one of Zurich’s first hippies before travelling twice overland to India. He got married to his first wife, Isabella, in Kulumanali where they lived for a while and where Geha, their first son, was born. A second son, Satyama, was born back in Switzerland.

In 1979, Heinz took his family to Goa where he then heard about Osho. They came to Poona and he took Sannyas. Osho said to him, “This is your name: Swami Anand Heinz. Anand means blissful, Heinz means home – a blissful home. That is what meditation creates in you; and once your heart has become a blissful home, God comes of his own accord.”

Heinz broke up with his wife but stayed in Poona until Osho left for the United States. Back in Switzerland, he joined the Gyandip Commune in Zurich, later called Kota Rajneesh Neo-Sannyas Commune. He worked in their bookstore, as a graphic artist, and as their chauffeur. In the early eighties, he joined the Ranch in Oregon, and there worked with the pipe crew.

Later travels brought him to San Francisco, Hawaii, and Alaska. Back home, he took custody of his children and returned to his original profession. In 1990 Heinz was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, which he overcame successfully.

Having a keen eye for beauty, he opened a Goa shop in Zurich, where he sold Indian statues, clothes, and jewellery. He met a new partner, Ma Deva Nirmala, and became a stepfather to Armando (Premdhan). In later years, he married Jane Esquillo. Being a dad to a young daughter, Jaslyn, made him proud and happy.


Heinz was a devoted father and husband. He loved the outdoors and loved to travel. Photography was his passion. He was a good handyman, and he tended his garden with much care, as he loved nature in general. Heinz meditated regularly, and deeply. His stepson, Armando, describes Heinz as a man of the heart, who cultivated deep and lasting friendships.

Two years ago, Heinz started having neural problems. His nerves atrophied, impairing his limbs and his health in general. He carried himself with such dignity, strength, and consciousness that it was hard to tell how unwell he really was. An aggressive cancer aggravated his condition, and, in the end, Heinz was relieved to leave his body behind with much awareness and love.

Many thanks to Nirmala for text and photos


Sannyas Darshan

Anand Heinz. Anand means blissful, heinz means home – a blissful home. That’s what meditation creates in you; and once your heart has become a blissful home, God comes of his own accord. He becomes a guest. If you have a heart as a blissful home, you are ready as a host. But God cannot come to you unless you have an overflowing blissfulness. God can become a guest in your being only when you are a festival, a festivity, a dance of joy, a song of ecstasy.

And my work here consists in creating blissful people. I don’t teach you how to find God: I teach you how to become so blissful that God has to find you. This is a totally different concept of religion. Man need not go in search of God, man has just to become worthy enough; and then wherever you are, God has to come. You have fulfilled the conditions; now it is up to him to fulfill his promise.

It is a promise, given a long long time before. Man has completely forgotten it; so much time has passed, but the promise stands. From God’s side nothing has passed, no time has passed, because from God’s side there is no question of time. The promise stands absolutely as it was given. You just fulfill the basic requirement of silence, of peace, of bliss, of an inner stillness, and immediately it is fulfilled.

But remember: the seeker should not become sad and serious. Ordinarily the seekers become serious and sad. They think they are doing something great so they have to be serious. They cannot laugh, they cannot enjoy, they cannot be ordinary; they have to be continuously special, holier-than-thou. That becomes their basic mask. All those masks have to be dropped here.

I am not creating holy people; I am creating blissful people. I am not creating religious people; I am creating cheerful people. But one who is blissful and cheerful and is capable of love and laughter, he is religious. He may not be a Christian, he may not be a Hindu, but he is religious; and in that religiousness God has to come.

Become a blissful home, a host.

Osho, The Shadow of the Bamboo, Ch 7, 7 April 1979 pm



Heinz was a very good friend for more than 40 years. I remember him being always loyal with a great sense of humour.
I visited him two weeks before he left his body and the atmosphere around him was really peaceful. He was still joking and ready to let go.
He has always drawn from the full in his life.
I will remember him with love.
Prem Gita

With sadness I learned of the departure of a dear friend, Anand Heinz.
During my stay in Switzerland we became friends and were doing many parties.
He lived near Rote Fabrik, not far from the chocolate factory Lindt, along the shores of Zürichsee.
Twice he came to visit me in his Mercedes to my hometown Amsterdam.
I will never forget his cheerful moods.
Rest in peace dear friend. 🌹

Dignity and care are the words that come to my mind to say how I appreciate Heinz, whom I met in the 90’s on several occasions. I am sorry to learn of his many health plights. I send love to his family. In gratitude.

Divo (Ma Prem Divo/French)

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