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A first selection from Sudas’ artwork.

Montagna (Mountain)
Radura (Clearing)
Città d'arte (City of arts)
Negoziati (Negotiations)
Evoluzione (Evolution)
Ospite (Guest)
Strumento preistorico (Prehistoric tool)
Amanti (Lovers)
Architettura (Architecture)
Ritratto (Portrait)
Animazione (Animation)
Onda (Wave)
Senza titolo (Untitled)
Maternage (Maternity)

I don’t think I am a ‘wall’ painter, but rather a ‘page’ painter. In fact, many of the titles of my paintings have to do with writing, they are quite literary. This is not to say that my work is an illustration – because the subject to be illustrated is missing. Nor is it didactic, because there is nothing to explain.

One might think that the images could introduce a story, or be part of a story, or illustrate something.

But that’s not the case. No such luck! Uncertainty, improvisation, the ‘mights’, the ‘perhaps’, are part of the search engine that generates my artwork. Sometimes I would like to do mimetic art, to paint something tangible, where matter is concrete matter, but then I regularly find myself directed towards the weightless, the borderless world of imagination, of inner vision.

Creature (Beings)
Cardiopittura (Cardiopainting)
Senza titolo (Untitled)
Pensatori (Thinkers)
Artista (Artist)
Bricco (Teapot)
Geografico (Geographic)
Sono un poeta (I'm a poet)
Dei, forse (Gods, maybe)
Facciata (House front)
Gente (People)
Lettori (Readers)
Vaso (Vase)

These pieces are mostly done in watercolour, Indian ink and pastels, all in the same format, 35 x 29 cm, and all on 300 gm satin paper.

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