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Bodhena’s Adventures in Samsara: A Sannyasin Memoir

"A clear, authentic, and compelling read" - Roshani reviews Bodhena's just now released book.

Encounter with a Folding Table

Excerpt of the newly released book, Bodhena's Adventures In Samsara.

It Ain’t Over til the Fat Lady Sings!

Final chapters of Bodhena's 'Samsara'

Let Go and Trust

The earth is shaking under Bodhena's feet...

Out in the World

Bodhena leaves Pune for good...

From California ‘back’ to Poona

After enjoying California and the American dream, Bodhena joins Osho back in Poona...

Now What?

Part 17 of Bodhena's Samsara: he is now in the Santa Cruz scene

What Was It All About?

Bodhena's 'Samsara' part 16

Out of Sync!

More changes on the Ranch - Bodhena's Samsara, part 15

Snoopy to Batman, come in please!

Bodhena keeps the Ranch safe - with some humour! (part 14 of Samsara)

Neighbors, Macho Boys and the Power Structure

Part 13 of Bodhena's 'Samsara'.

The First Annual World Celebration

How celebration tent platforms become A-frames and quadruplexes - from Bodhena's 'Samsara'.

From Geetam to the Ranch

Bodhena's arrival in the States: Geetam and the Ranch (part 11)

The Last Mango in Poona

Part 10 of Bodhena's 'Samsara'

Guarding in a Judogi

This is part 9 of Bodhena' Samsara: how he becomes a guard in the ashram

Baksheesh and a Peg Leg

Bodhena's story continues: politicians, knives, journalists and a broken leg

The Fuck Joke

Another juicy excerpt from Bodhena's sannyas story

My Geography Thesis

Part 6: Bodhena's scientific and humorous evaluation of the population at the Poona ashram in 1978/79

No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’

Bodhena's story continues: girls, kids, groups and leaving darshan with the master

Taking Sannyas

Bodhena takes sannyas and comments with humour on the going-ons in the ashram of those days

What’s Cooking?

Part 3: Bodhena arrives in Poona in 1977 and enrolls for his first groups

A Narrow Escape

Part 2: Bodhena travels across Africa in the early seventies

Coming Back for More

Part 1 of Bodhena’s Adventures in Samsara